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Great Barrington Will Bring out Custom Canvas Bag from March

great barrington plastic bag ban in march

Great Barrington is all set to be the first community in Western Massachusetts to bring out the custom canvas bag. From March 1, the town will not allow the use of plastic bags. This formal announcement was made recently by the Town Hall officials, which was approved last May at the Town Meeting.

Better Late than Never, Custom Canvas Bags

The implementation of this ban was delayed twice previously, as the Board of Selectmen felt that people needed more time and awareness to accept the idea. Another reason for the delay was to allow businesses to finish off their existing stock of plastic bags.

This ban will not allow the use of thin, one-time use plastic bags that are usually given out as checkout bags. However, larger plastic bags that are used for handing out bulk produce, dry cleaning and for lining garbage bins will still be allowed.

The Board of Health of the town will look after the compliance of the ban. It will administer non-criminal tickets to businesses that continue handing out plastic bags to their customers after the ban comes into effect. As per the law, retail businesses will be liable to a fine of $50, the first time they violate the ordinance. This penalty will later increase to $100 and $200 for the second and third violation respectively.

This announcement was made in the presence of the representatives from big business of the town like Price Chopper, Big Y, Guido’s and Berkshire Co-op Market. Sean Stanton, the Chairman of the Board of Selectman, expressed his satisfaction over the ban, by saying that the co-operation received from these businesses is appreciated. He also stated that the business community has been quite supportive about the move from the very beginning, which helped in putting the ban in place.

It’s Time to Take out That Custom Canvas Bag

From the consumer’s side, they will have to get into the habit of carrying reusable bags with them while shopping. This may take some time, but will help them as well as the environment in the long run. Plus, they have a variety of eco-friendly bags to choose from – be it tote bags, cloth bags or printed reusable bags. A custom canvas bag is also a good option for those who would want to experiment with the style and pattern of their reusable bag.


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