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Manufacturer Reusable Bags Benefiting From Plastic Bag Ban in Great Barrington

great barrington benefit from reusable bags

Big food retailers in Great Barrington have agreed to follow the newly suggested ban on plastic bags. This ban was approved in early May at the town meeting that takes place annually. According to this ban, plastic bag distributors will be fined up to $200 for violating the rules.

Sean Stanton, the Chairman of the Select Board said that this bylaw is planned to be brought into effect from 1st July, which marks the start of the new financial year. But its implementation can be delayed till August as the measure needs to be approved by the office of the Attorney General of the state.

What the Distributors Have to Say About Reusable Bags?

One of the biggest plastic bag distributors of the city, Price Chopper said that it will entirely eliminate the use of plastic bags from its store in the city. If it does so, this store will be the first of 131 stores of the chain that will not provide plastic bags. This information was given by Mona Golub who is the spokesperson of the company. She also said that the company is not sure what is going to be its replacement for plastic bags as at least 98 percent of the customers use these bags. Price Chopper is strategizing the alternatives that can be used to make a switch from plastic bags. Guido’s Fresh Marketplace is ready to get rid of plastic bags in the city stores but is uncertain about what can be the alternative to the large demand for plastic bags. Big Y Foods, another big supermarket chain in the city was not available for any comments.

Manufacturer Reusable Bags Come to the Rescue

Stanton said that the bylaw has been suggested to encourage the residents of the city to opt for reusable bags. He also said that he is aware of the fact that plastic bags are cheaper for businesses as compared to paper bags. But the danger associated with plastic bags makes the ban necessary. Manufacturer reusable bags are an easy and safe option to combat this problem. Some of the stores already have these options available. Guido’s offers plastic bags, cardboard boxes, as well as paper bags to its customers. Price Chopper and Guido’s both sell reusable bags and also give a rebate to customers who opt for these reusable bags.


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