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Green Business Trends for the New Year

new year green business trends

To make the new year economically beneficial for their businesses, green business are planning on adapting some new marketing policies. These policies include keeping a strict watch on the financial payback, smart marketing of eco-friendly products, and building of brand value by advertisements. The present year, 2012, was not a very beneficial year for green companies. So they are taking these steps to stabilize their businesses, and to try and make some profits as well.

Keeping a Watch on the Financial Payback with a Green Business

In many green businesses, the companies invest their money in eco-friendly technology because they feel that there is a need to propagate eco-friendly products. However, these businesses may not be as profitable for the company as the regular businesses. To keep a balance in their financial investments, many companies are involving their CFOs in sustainability endeavors and doing payback. Furthermore, companies are also considering the option to conduct ROI analysis. ROI analysis helps the company to decide on whether or not they need an upgrade in their existing technology.

Better Marketing of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

At present, green companies need to adapt a change in marketing their eco friendly promotional items. Earlier, green companies would emphasis on the benefits of their products and how they help reducing the environmental footprint of their users. However, over the years, the market for green products has grown in numbers like eco friendly reusable green bags, and at present, there are various groups under the bracket of green consumers. So the companies need to advertise their products in a smarter way by emphasizing on their sustainability.

For instance, in the Axe Showerpooling advertisement, the company emphasizes on the fact that their product requires very little water while used in the shower. Therefore, by using the product, the consumers would be reducing water wastage, and will be cutting down on their water bills as well. In this context, the brand has emphasized on how the usage of the product will help the consumers in bringing about sustainable changes.

Propagating Sharing Activities

Instead of promoting new products, green companies can propagate their functions on the basis of the sharing principle. This sharing principle can highlight how green companies and the consumer will benefit from the product. It will also emphasize on how the customers can use the eco-friendly products with other consumers as well, for instance, purchasing an eco-friendly car and sharing it with others via carpooling. By promoting the sharing attribute, the companies will be able to build their brand name and establish long-run relationships with their customers.


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