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Greenfield City Council Considering Plastic Bag Ban

greenfield city plastic bag ban

Greenfield town councilors have entered into deliberations to seriously consider imposing the plastic bag ban. The Vice President of the Town Council, Hillary Hoffman who is also a member of the Appointments and Ordinances Committee of the council felt that the issue needs to be discussed thoroughly before it can be presented to the full council.

Council Taking Its Time on the Plastic Bag Ban

Several other cities all over the country are either into discussions, or are well ahead in the process of imposing a ban on the use of plastic bags, which they feel are a definite threat to the environment. However, Greenfield seems to be dragging its feet, with fears abounding about how the local business community would react to such a drastic step. The Town Council still feels that there needs to be more dialogue before a concrete step can be taken.

Hoffman feels that even if the council was to pass an ordinance, it wont be the one that has been presented by Connelly. There are several changes that need to be incorporated before the ordinance can be presented to a full council. The plan is to organize appointments and ordinances and invite the residents as well as business owners over for a public hearing.

Hoffman agreed that it is not an easy task and the deliberations as well as decisions have to be made collectively. Though the idea is a step in the right direction, instant changes may not be practically possible. According to Marian Kelner, Precinct 1 Town Councilor, it is high time something was done about mountains of plastic waste. However, she too is in support of the idea of a consensus being arrived at with the local merchants before anything concrete can be done. According to Kelner the issue is quite complicated and cannot be rushed through at will. She said that she expected a healthy turnout for the proposed hearing where the issue could be discussed in detail.

Spreading the Plastic Bag Ban with Promotional Reusable Bags

As the local merchants too feel that an immediate ban would affect the business badly, the only solution seems to lie in switching to promotional reusable bags. This option in addition to helping promote a greener environment will also prove commercially attractive to most businesses. It is up to the Town Council to start a healthy and promotional campaign that will provide better publicity to the local businesses and serve a much better purpose of gradually doing away plastic.


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