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Greenspace – an Eco-Friendly Exhibitor for Trade Shows

greenspace eco-friendly exhibitor

This news will please everyone who loves the environment and is concerned about it. Greenspace, founded by Rob Roth, is a company that makes productions for trade shows. However, this is the company with a difference. It is an eco-friendly company as the name suggests.

An Eco-Friendly Organization: Greenspace

Here are some facts about Rob Roth’s company, Greenspace, and how he goes about ensuring that his organization is eco-friendly. Once he got a project from a company specializing in video-games. This was his biggest project. It required huge number of men and resources to install the exhibition. The space he worked on measured 50,000 sq. ft. and it was to be a three story booth accessible through an escalator. The materials to be shipped required close to 100 small trucks.

This huge booth had to be used for at least three days after which it needed to be dismantled and again built the same way next year. After each event, the dismantling process would require scores of trucks to do wasteful land filling. These experiences promoted Roth to launch Greenspace using green practices. The company is based in Hillsboro of Oregon. Many materials used in the booth are recyclable. Everything they do is focused on being environmentally-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items by Greenspace

The way trade show exhibits are built traditionally takes into account the company’s budget for the materials. Additionally, the materials are wasteful and non-recyclable. However, Roth’s company focuses on eco friendly promotional items. He tells his clients that his company will only use materials that can be recycled. How does Roth choose recyclable and sustainable materials? Roth uses FSC certified Oregon wood. This type of wood does not use urea formaldehyde coatings. So, it can be recycled without the presence of toxins.

Not everything can have a green solution, as Roth admits. But low VOC and water soluble paints are less damaging and are preferred even if they are not perfect. Additionally, there can be no 100 percent clean solutions for everything like carpet and laminates. Other than materials, Roth also focused on logistics. Many exhibitors don’t address logistics problem well. Roth solves this problem by designing things to fit into crates, while crates should fit well within trucks.

The booths designed by Greenspace last several years more than the traditional booths. While traditional booths are more prone to damage even if they look glossy and hi-tech, Greenspace booths are qualitatively superior and can withstand high impacts. Eco-friendly measures like utensils that are recyclable and less waste in form of papers are some of the strategies adopted by Greenspace.


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