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Electronic Waste Recycling in the GRRWA

grrwa promote electronic waste recycling

The region of GRRWA or the Great River Regional Waste Authority has passed a notice stating that it will not dispose electronic waste materials, and recycle it instead. To promote this new change, the authority is hosting an event on the coming Monday, that is December 17. In this event, the residents will be allowed to dispose their electronic waste free of cost.

However, the actual change in disposal methods is supposed to come into effect from the month of January, 2013. The authority feels that electronic waste disposal is a major issue at present and efforts need to be taken to try and recycle the waste.

GRRWA – the Need to Recycle Electronic Waste

Wade Hamm, the General Manager of the Great River Regional Waste Authority, stated that instead of disposing electronic devices such as computers and televisions, the authority will send all the waste devices to Davenport. At present the Authority sends these devices to a landfill that is based in the outskirts of Fort Madison. Hamm shared that the Authority is concerned about the toxic materials that are released while burying these devices. By burying these devices into landfills, the level of mercury and lead in the land also increases. These toxins can also seep into the underground water table, so the Authority feels that they should recycle these devices instead.

The Need to Encourage Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

At present, the landfill that is used by the Authority is estimated to last for a limited period of 12 years. In 12 years, the landfill will not have the capacity to hold any materials. Therefore the authority feels that it is the right time to look for eco-friendly alternatives and to encourage the usage of eco friendly promotional items.

Under the new policy of the authority, the residents will be charged a new set of disposal fee. Presently, the Authority charges around $4 to dispose a television that weighs between 80 and 100 pounds. But with the new policy coming into place, the Authority will charge around $5 for devices under the same category.

Devices such as console televisions are expected to have a higher fee in comparison to smaller electronic devices such as speakers, radios, or even cell phones. As a matter of fact, small electronic devices such as cell phones may be recycled free of cost as well.


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