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Hawaii Becomes the First State to Banish Plastic Bags

hawaii to banish plastic bags

Hawaii, a thriving tourist destination, is also popular for its thriving marine life. The state of Hawaii wants to do everything it can to keep its marine life going strong. Plastic bags have long polluted the environment and have threatened the wildlife. Hawaii has now decided to address the issue by starting to banish plastic bags.

Banishing Plastic Bags in Many Areas

Among its five counties, four counties have imposed a plastic bag ban in Hawaii. The Kalawao county, being scarcely populated, should not pose a huge threat to the environment. Robert Harris, Sierra Club Hawaii Chapter director, had earlier said in 2012, that the impacts of environmental pollution due to plastic bags are far more evident in Hawaii, as it is one of the marine states. With the imposition of the plastic ban, consumers will have to rely on paper bags or reusable bags when they head out to restaurants or shops in the state. Although, when they purchase grains, fresh produce or meat in bulk, they will be given plastic bags.

The Kauai and Maui islands are among the few islands that have already imposed a plastic ban, and Oahu is expected to bring in its plastic ban in July 2015. Shops on the big island, where plastic bags are banned, charge their customers an additional fee to use plastic bags. Many cities in the US have banned these bags as well, despite the fact that no other state, other than Hawaii has introduced the plastic ban in the state. Early 2014 saw Los Angeles imposing a ban on these toxic bags, with Santa Monica, Portland, Washington D.C, and San Fransisco being other areas that have such bans imposed as well.

Other countries that imposed bans on plastic bans in certain cities include Mexico, England, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Australia and Rwanda. Countries like Belgium, Italy, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland, charge consumers an extra fee for these bags, to mitigate their usage.

How Banishing Plastic Bags Should Be a Part of Your Lifestyle

Switching to wholesale reusable bags is easier to adopt than you think. The next time you are out shopping, pick an eco-friendly bag, or if you are eating out, choose paper bags instead of their plastic counterparts. With small tweaks in your habits, you can make an appreciable difference in conserving the planet.


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