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Healthy Garden Tour Hosted by Recycle Utah

participants must understand that the houses are not and co-operate with the organizers to have a pleasant tour

Many homemakers are fond of having a thriving garden. Whether you want to make it look pretty or you want to grow edible vegetables, all types of gardens require water to survive. So what do you do when there is shortage of water or if you are environment-conscious? Well, residents of Utah have the perfect opportunity to do just this by being a part of the healthy garden tour being organized on June 28th this year.

Save Water, Save the Planet with a Healthy Garden

Environment-friendly people are coming up with more and more ideas to save flora and fauna without causing much inconvenience to people. While some are switching from thin plastic bags to promotional wholesale reusable bags, others are trying to keep their garden water-wise. For people who are more interested in the latter in Utah, this is a perfect opportunity to see what options you have in terms of plants and vegetables that be grown without using much water.

While the gardens only are on display, participants must understand that the houses are not and co-operate with the organizers to have a pleasant tour. What instead you can feast your eyes on is the xeriscape in the houses. You can see how business and home owners have maintained their gardens with as little water as possible and how best you can replicate them in your own homes. Unlike the arduous tasks you had to do 25 years back by attaching blubbers to each plant where irrigation was not too good, there are now so many informative sites and organizations where you can learn how you can use drought-resistant plants and those which don’t need to be seeded.

There are many houses and business premises where colorful plants are thriving with little water. Xeriscape is different from water-smart gardening. “Xeri” in Greek means dry. So the more common practice is in fact gardening with little water and not completely dry gardening. There are about 8-10 gardens included in the tour this year and will include rock gardens too.

Spread the Eco-Friendly Cause with a Healthy Garden

Promotional reusable bags have been marketed widely as an effective way to go green on a large-scale basis as it eliminates or reduces the usage of thin plastics substantially. People who have used reusable bags are also looking towards minimizing the usage of water to help the green cause even more. Following Utah’s examples, there is hope that many more states follow the water-wise method of gardening and conserve water for future generations.


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