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Students in Henderson, Nevada Conduct an Eco-Friendly Parade

henderson nevada eco-friendly parade

Since the holiday season is around the corner, the streets will soon be filled with Christmas parades. Keeping in mind the festive season, the students in the Henderson region, Nevada have decided to conduct a festive parade, but with an eco-friendly twist. The theme of their parade float is “The Grinch That Stole Christmas,” and this float will be created using eco-friendly products.

Burkholder Middle School’s Eco-Friendly Parade

The students who have decided to conduct this eco-friendly parade are from the Burkholder Middle School in Henderson. The coach of the students, Katie Duffy, states that the school is very proud of their students for taking up this initiative. She feels that not only will this parade spread an eco-friendly message among the audience but also help the students inculcate a more eco-friendly attitude. The students are making the entire float on their own, without any help from their teachers. Their aim is to make an energy-efficient float, without using any harmful materials.

Using Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

The innovative part of this parade is the fact that the students are making their float using eco-friendly materials. The students are planning on using bundles of tissue paper, cardboard sheets, chicken wire, and pieces of wood to construct the float. The coach, Katie feels that this activity will make the students realize the importance of reducing wastage. School kids have a tendency to throw away things before they have completely used them. Using recycled materials to make a new float will make them realize the importance of using their personal things in a better way.

The students have been working on making the float for a couple of weeks. During these weeks, the students have made around thousand flowers using tissue paper, and they have carved a sleigh out of reclaimed or used wood and cardboard. Additionally, the float will have a sign saying “Welcome to Whoville” on it. This sign will be decorated using bottle caps that have been recycled and LED lights.

The students were able to gather a large quantity of eco-friendly material with the help of Republic Services. The Republic Services helped the students out by giving them continuous supplies of recycled materials. These students will be competing in the Winterfest Parade that is conducted in the Henderson region. The Mayor of the city, Andy Hafen, will inaugurate the activities for the parade and the winners of this parade will win a prize amount of $1000.


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