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Hold on Plastic Bag Ban May Affect Promotional Retail Bags

hold on plastic bag ban

The residents of Odessa will have to wait a little longer to know whether plastic will be banned in their city or not. The Odessa City Council was supposed to decide on this matter but the decision has been put on a hold for the time being. A debate between small businesses and shoppers is said to be the reason for the hold.

Reaction to the ban

Dewey Bryant, council member of the Odessa City Council, voted for the ordinance to be moved forward. This decision will give extra time to the council which it can use in revisiting the ban. It will also give the council an opportunity to listen to the opinion of the residents of the city on the ban.

Retail store owners are not happy with the decision to ban plastic bags. The city leaders are planning to ban single use promotional retail bags made from plastic in retail stores. The employees of Wanda’s Health Food Shoppe are pleased with this idea. The sales associate of the store, Christine Leckbee stated that this decision will result in extra expenditure to the company. She said that it is not pleasing to see a number of bags lying all around the city and the residents of the city need to take the responsibility to change it.

Sharon Beard who owns a business is against the ban. She said that such bans don’t help as the people who have been using plastic bags and littering the city will still do it. She also added that being the owner of a small shop, it will cost her more as compared to any grocery store which can buy the bags in bulk at a low price.

Gino Sola, a resident of Odessa is in favor of the plastic bag ban and said that it is a good idea and will help the city. She also added that it is never too late to adopt eco friendly methods giving the example of Austin where plastic bags were banned early this year. Another resident, Alex Espinoza also supports the ban saying that it is a good idea as plastic bags are not good for the environment.

Promotional retail bags substitutes

The residents can use a number of options to replace plastic bags. They can go for eco friendly bags like cotton bags, tote bag, recyclable bags, reusable bags, jute bags, cloth bags, or canvas bags. These bags are not only bio degradable and environment friendly but also affordable.

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