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Custom Made Bags and Toiletry Recycled in Hotels

us hotels custom made bags

The hotel industry in the US is becoming more eco-friendly in nature. A lot of hotels recycle the toiletries in the rooms, and donate them to individuals who can’t afford to purchase them. In addition to this, a number of hotels recycle their soaps and send them to developing countries where these soaps are sold for minimal prices.

Popular Hotels Encouraging Recycling and Custom Made Bags

A popular name in the hotel industry, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, was declared as one of the most eco-friendly hotels in the world, as this hotel has the highest toiletries recycling rate. The corporation has a recycling program in association with Clean the World. The Clean the World organization was set up four years back, and it helps hotels recycle their soap. At present, close to 25 Hyatt hotels have signed up for the recycling program offered by this organization. However, according to Henning Nopper, one of the executive members from the Hyatt group, more Hyatt hotels are expected to join this program.

Clean the World Promoting Custom Made Bags and Recycling

Clean the World program has gained a lot of popularity in the past two years. According to experts, the number of hotels associated with the organization’s recycling program has doubled in the past two years. At present, IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) has a contract with Clean the World, and close to 148 hotels are a part of IHG. According to officials from IHG, in the past one year, all the hotels under their organization have recycled close to 400,000 bars of soap, which have been delivered to developing nations.

According to the officials from Clean the World, all the soaps that are collected from the hotels are recycled in a manner that they can be reused by other people. The organization packs these soaps in custom made bags, and then transports them to the various parts of the world. According to Shawn Seipler, the Chief Executive Officer of Clean the World, the organization encourages the housekeeping staff in the hotels to collect as many soaps as possible. She feels that the housekeepers play an integral role in their recycling campaign, and so they try and stay connected to them at all times.

The Hotels Support the Custom Made Bags Program

According to the officials from the various hotels, this program is a very good way to reduce the waste at the hotel. The Corporate Responsibility Chief for Hilton, Jennifer Silberman, thinks that this program has helped in promoting recycling among their staff members, and she recommends this program to all hotels.


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