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Is Huntington Beach not Willing to Use Custom Reusable Shopping Bags Totes

huntington beach not use custom reusable totes

The City Council had introduced a ban on plastic bags last November to save Huntington Beach from the bag issues in the environment. A petition drive to end the ban was started and efforts to place the matter for a vote in November were met with failure. Dave Sullivan, a councilman failed to secure the votes needed from other City Council members.

Failure in the Huntington Beach Adoption of a Ban

With the aim to protect the environment and keep the city’s beaches and marine lives safe, all drug, convenience and grocery stores were required to hand out custom reusable shopping bags totes or paper bags at 10 cents to all their customers. Although the city’s residents are against the use of plastic bags and are supportive of the ban, they are not very happy with the 10 cent charge. To protect the interests of the customers, Councilman Joe Carchio had attempted to remove the fee before the ban was implemented, but was unable to do so.

One of the residents, a real estate agent has even started a signature campaign for repealing this ban. He is of the opinion that the City Council should have sought the opinion of its citizens before going ahead with the ban. At the same time, many Council members have opined that even if the signature collection is a success and the issue is placed for voting, the issue will still require legal inspection as well as environmental assessment.

The Chairman of the Huntington Beach and Seal Beach chapter has made known that revoking the ban on plastic bags would be an enormous set back because these single-use bags constitute a major portion of the trash found on the city’s beaches. In addition to the city-wide ban, many lawmakers are planning to bring in a law called Senate Bill 270 that bans the use of plastic bags all over the state.

Custom Reusable Shopping Bags Totes Are Good for the Huntington Beach!

Being recyclable, custom reusable shopping bags totes are highly eco-friendly options. While only a small percentage of plastic bags are reusable in nature as well as pollute the environment by giving off toxic materials, customers can use these environment friendly bags over and over again without causing any significant damage to the environment. They can help the city in reducing its plastic waste as well as the save the marine environment from irreversible damage. Also, by deciding to use eco-friendly shopping bag options, the environmental degradation that occurs from the production of plastic gets significantly reduced as well.


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