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Illinois Wesleyan University to Promote The Idea of Recycling

illinois wesleyan university promote recycling

To commemorate the upcoming ‘America Recycles Day’, the Illinois Wesleyan University (IWC) has decided to organize an interesting event to promote the concept of recycling among the residents. At the event, residents will have an opportunity to dispose off any of their used products that they feel can be recycled, and they will also learn about an exciting recycling method, TerraCycling.

Wesleyan University Mega-Recycling Event – a Platform to Spread Awareness

This event is expected to be five hours long, from 8 am to 1 pm, and will be held at the Hansen Center Parking Lot. At the event, the guests will be invited to bring in any of their used domestic products such as electronics, clothes, or even items such as gardening pots. Michael Brown, Executive Director at Ecology Action Center, stated that this event will give the residents an accessible forum for recycling. He also feels that the option of bringing in any domestic product at the event is an attractive factor.

During the event, all guests will receive flyers that will contain information on where specific items can be recycled. According to Brown, this event will help spread awareness among the people. He feels that people are usually negligent about recycling as they may have to do some research on where they need to go and the exact procedure they need to follow. If they are given all the details, they may recycle a lot more than they presently do.

An Effort to Encourage Eco-Friendly Promotional Items at Wesleyan University

The organizers of the event arranged a similar program even last year, and they collected 22,216 pounds of recyclable items through it. Michael Brown added that people appreciated this event last year as it gave them the opportunity to bring various items to a single place. The only condition was that the materials had to be of domestic use and not commercial.

This year, the organizers are planning on introducing the concept of TerraCycling during the event, which will hopefully promote the idea of recycling further. TerraCycling is a method through which items that are hard to recycle, such as toothpaste tubes, plastic utensils, or flip flops, are recycled into eco friendly promotional items. According to Missy Smock, the Wellness Director at IWU, this event will help people recycle items, that are usually disposed into landfills, and will broaden their perspective on recycling.

Before the event starts, the organizers will distribute a list of items that can be disposed using regular methods and the items that require TerraCycling, so the guests won’t have any difficulties during the event.


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