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Jersey City Council gets Support in Promoting Distributor Reusable Bags

jersey city reusable bags

In a landmark move made by the citizens of Jersey City, distributor reusable bags and their usage received a major boost last week. Shoppers are motivated to be eco-friendly with the help of an app created by My Eco solely for this purpose.

Reusable Bags Program to Prevent Plastic Bag Usage

The eco-friendly move has already been promoted by an A&P and two Pathmark stores. Users of the My Eco app can measure how many plastic bags they have refused and maintain a healthy competition with their co-shoppers at the same time. By using distributor reusable bags, shoppers reduce the hazardous dumping and wastage of plastics, safeguarding the ecology while saving money.

Although the response to meager incentives provided by storekeepers to customers who shop using reusable bags has been lukewarm, the My Eco app and the healthy competition it creates, maintained by rival individuals and groups, spreads the message of long-term cost-effectiveness and the benefit to wildlife and the society at large.

Stores that wish to participate in this program need to pay $100 for every $20,000 worth business they do. Of this $100, $25 is paid to My Eco for their operating costs and the rest is up for grabs for shoppers. Shoppers can use this amount to donate it to any charitable cause of their choice.

The My Eco app also helps shoppers earn points every time they use it to locate stores involved in the eco-friendly cause. These points have monetary value which, again, can be donated as per the customer’s wish. In this way, shoppers go green, improve the environment, save money and contribute to the society with their donations. An ideal example of killing many birds with just one proverbial stone!

How Distributor Reusable Bags Can Help?

Every tiny step taken by mankind to use recyclable materials in all spheres of life ensures that our future generations live a toxic-less life. Are we putting enough emphasis on such minute, but vital details such as using recyclable bags versus plastic shopping bags? Jersey City, My Eco and the participating stores in this project have done a laudable job in this respect so far. They have marketed a green project in an economically attractive way. So citizens use reusable bags, get a chance to donate, save the environment whilst saving more money in their wallets, all in one well-planned move!


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