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Jessica Alba’s Green Company to be Launched this Month

The company will be coming to Target with environmental and body friendly products named Made To Matter

Great news for all eco-friendly shoppers out there. Actress Jessica Alba’s new green company is all set to launch its range of products this month. The company christened Honest Company will be coming to Target and soon with a range of environmental and body friendly products under the initiative named Made To Matter.

Jessica Alba Talks About Her Eco-Friendly Company

The brand Honest Company is the brainchild of Jessica Alba and her friend Christopher Gavigan who have decided to take on the mantle of eco friendly product gurus. The idea came to Alba a few years back when she became frustrated by the lack of natural and eco-friendly products for her baby and home. Even though there was a variety of products available that used chemicals, the range that was natural was limited. This led to the creation of the Honest Company and a range of eco friendly products ranging from diapers and rash creams to face creams, shampoos, and sunscreens.

The presence of Jessica Alba at the helm of affairs has benefited the company immensely as people are more amenable to listening to what an actress and mother has to say about natural, chemical free products that are designed for beauty, childcare, and home care.

On the decision to join Target, Jessica Alba says that the idea was a natural extension to making the brand more accessible to people everywhere so that they too are able to realize and experience the benefits of such products. She says that partnering with a national retailer will ensure that consumers do not have to worry about getting eco friendly products or trekking to special stores for them. Their availability at the local Target is also expected to encourage more and more people to give eco friendly products a try and maybe even adopt them.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items That Celebs Use, Like Jessica Alba!

Are you heading to your nearest Target to give Jessica Alba’s new range of products a try? What else can you and your company or place of business do to show that you care for the environment? Why not use eco-friendly promotional items? Whether it be tote bags or diaries, a wide range of promotional items made out of natural products are available. So the next time you are planning promotional items for your business, do consider getting eco-friendly items.


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