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Keep your Lawn Weed-free Organically

simply taking care of your lawn is the best way to fight those weeds

Weeds are every lawn owner’s greatest bane. But if weeds are taking over your lawn, there’s no need to fret – and there’s certainly no need to get out the big weed-killers to take care of them. Rather, weeds are good indicators of what might be lacking in the care of your lawn. And simply taking care of that lack is the best way to fight those weeds.

What to Do for a Weed-Free Lawn

Keeping a lawn weed-free is not only a thing of beauty, but good for the environment too. However, invading weeds can be a real eyesore , and they also use up a lot of nutrients that are meant for the plants.

However, it is not just weeds that weaken a lawn, but the occurrence of weeds is an indicator of a weakness in a lawn. In fact, by observing what kind of weeds is invading your lawn, you’ll also know what it is that the soil in your lawn is actually lacking.

First of all, the health of the grass of your lawn is imperative in keeping the weeds away. In fact, weeds often crop up where the grass is not able to grow. So you, as the lawn owner, will need to fix this weakness in the soil first. Getting rid of this actual cause will make sure that once you get rid of the weeds, they won’t come back.

Leaving grass clipping on the lawn so that the nutrients and moisture it holds returns to the soil is a good way of making the lawn healthier. After that, proper fertilization should remedy the overall health of the lawn.

Another method is to notice what types of weeds are springing up in your lawn. Knot-weed and plantains, for instance, occur because the soil is too compact. It indicates that the soil of the lawn is tightly packed. Hence, regularly aerating the soil would be the best solution to getting rid of such weeds. Heavy traffic areas on the lawn tend to compact the soil even after aeration, it would be advisable to place paving stones or flat stones here instead of grass.

Similarly, other kinds of weeds too can indicate the unhealthy nature of the soil. For example, nut sedge grows when the soil has poor drainage, growth of clover means that the fertilization quantities and ratios need to be adjusted.

Beginning an Organic Lawn Weed-Free with Eco-Friendly Items

Gardening is a wonderful hobby. But other than just beautifying one’s home, it’s also a great way to help the environment. As such, it only makes more sense to use eco-friendly methods – such as natural fertilizers and electric or push lawn mowers – when one tends to their garden.

Eco-friendly promotional items do a lot to encourage such methods and practices; such as recycled seed paper ornaments from recycled paper and reusable garden totes. Such items help people to familiarize and adapt to more eco-friendly habits.


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