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Keep Plastic Bags Away From Single Stream Recycling

plastic bags away single stream recycling

In 2010, Ocean County began to accept mixed recyclables. The county would, however, ask the residents to keep away plastic bags off the recycling containers. Plastic bags hamper efficiency needed to sort single stream and could also damage the equipment used in processing. So, proper recycling is of critical importance.

Plastic Bags Disrupting the Single Stream Recycling Process

The plastic bags are a nuisance to single stream recycling sorters available in Lakewood recycling center as they keep on jamming constantly. So, the county and municipalities are making effort to inform citizens of the right recycling protocol. According to Chris Huch, Executive Director, Alliance for a Living Ocean, plastic bags cause huge difficulties with recycling machines. The same opinion is expressed by Angela Contillo Anderson, Recycling Coordinator of Long Beach Township. Anderson is developing informational brochure for her municipality.

The flyers made by Andersen recently on Toms River are meant to advise residents that recyclables placed in plastic bags cannot be recollected. The commodity purchasers have strict policies in place that prohibit plastic bags. Shipments identified with contaminants including plastic bags are not marketable and hence returned to the agency that recycles.

The recycling containers however permit non-toxic aerosol cans, cardboard pizza boxes, corrugated cardboard, most papers including wrapping paper and brown paper bags, paperback books, and the like. Plastic bags must be avoided as far as possible. Plastic bags can however be returned to local supermarkets for recycling.

Most plastic bags are not recyclable and even if the recycling process exists it is very inefficient, so plastic bags eventually end up in land fills. So, they must be avoided.

Making the Best Use of Single Stream Recycling

Wholesale reusable bags promotional are the best option we are left with. They are environmentally most friendly. The plastic bag industry has unleashed a propaganda, but there doesn’t appear much substance in their claim that reusable cloth bag are not environment friendly. Ideally, reuse should be preferred over recycling. Reusable items like reusable bags never require recycling. In addition, it is important not to use plastic bags at all or to use them sparingly. An important aspect of using something is to be able to recycle them when the time comes for their disposal. This is in the interest of environmental sustainability.


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