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Keeping your Dorm Eco-Friendly

keeping dorm eco-friendly with reusable bags

Are you all set to finally head to college? Is this the first time you are living away from home? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? College life is all about making new friends, parties, exploring different areas of interests and giving your education a solid grounding. It also brings with it the rather fun task of furnishing your dorm room. Yes, it is where you are going to spend a lot of your time while in college!

With the earth facing serious problems of global warming, it is the duty of every individual to take up some responsibility to better the situation. Every year, college students generate tons of garbage, mostly plastic and other non-biodegradable. This is mostly because of the lack of awareness about the availability of environment-friendly furniture and accessories which they can use to furnish their dorm room. Yes, it is time to make a shift to eco-friendly dorms.

How to Make You Dorm Eco-Friendly

This concept is a very interesting way to do your bit to help better the condition of the planet. There are so many eco-friendly things that you could use like energy-saving lights, organic bed sheets, bamboo plants, wholesale reusable bags, and much more. Simply replace all your old and used bulbs with energy efficient LED (light emitting diode) or low watt bulbs. Install a water system instead of using plastic bottles. Use a small refrigerator to save energy. Surround yourself with as many green plants as possible. All these small changes can contribute to making the environment healthier.

Below are the best and most readily available items to keep your dorm eco-friendly:

  • Recycled water bottles: Plastic bottles are made from Polycarbonate plastics which contain Bisphenol A or BPA. BPA can easily seep into food or beverages from containers. Students can buy BPA free bottles from almost any retail store.
  • Bamboo plants: We cannot emphasize enough on the benefits of green plants in your dorm area. Bamboo plants require minimal care and keep the environment clean and healthy.
  • Paper products: Replace storage products made out of wood and metal with those made out of paper. Many stores offer storage products made 100 percent out of paper. 
  • Crackpots over microwaves: These are energy saving devices that can easily replace your regular microwaves and you can also cook a variety of meals in them!

Be More Eco-Friendly and Use Wholesale Reusable Bags

Apart from this, visit thrift shops to purchase second-hand furniture at cheap prices. You could pick up a dining table, chairs, and a bed or donate some unwanted clothes. One simple but highly effective way of going green is by using reusable bags. These are not just eco-friendly but will also save help you save money in the long run.


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