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Students of La Mirada School Unveil their Eco-Friendly Vehicle

Students of La Mirada School Unveil Their Eco-Friendly Vehicle

Students of the Energy Engineering and Technology Academy (EETA) of La Miranda High School unveiled their new invention – ‘The Switch’ on the 10th of September 2013 an element of the Green Jobs Project of the school. The new electric vehicle designed by the Electric Auto Shop was revealed by officials to those who sponsored and supported EETA.

Students Come up With an Eco-Friendly Vehicle to Save the Environment

On the 10th of September 2013, a highway ready eco-friendly vehicle was unveiled by officials at the Energy Engineering and Technology Academy (EETA) of La Miranda High School. The vehicle referred to as ‘The Switch’ and is a part of the Green Jobs Project of the school.

Present at the unveiling of the vehicle designed by Electric Auto Shop were sponsors and supporters of EETA. Electric Auto Shop, Our 1 World, Plug In America and The California Teachers Association / Institute for Teaching have sponsored the lab. According to Norma Williamson – the Coordinator of Green Jobs, the unveiling of the dream car was made possible only by these supportive sponsors.

Williamson herself is an advocate of green energy. Her home is powered by solar energy and she drives an electric car. She believes that ‘The Switch’ which resembles a sand dune buggy, will not only facilitate learning during the present year but will aid learning for many years to come.

Michael Mack of the California based company stated that the Chasis Lab is a systematic curriculum aimed at teaching technology related to electric vehicles. The sixteen-week program is provided to schools that encourage unconventional fuel transportation in classrooms. In California, La Miranda is the ninth institute to take up this program allowing students to work on the car and get it functioning. Once it works, the car will be dissembled for the following year’s class. The process will continue for every successive batch of students.

Tony Mendoza (former assemblyman) congratulated Norma Williamson and the coordinators of EETA – John Alvarez and Matt Opper for promoting eco-friendly vehicle and energy options. He has vowed to promote the program in schools as part of his campaign for state senate.

The efforts were also commended by Linda Nicholes – the co-founder of Plug In America and Dick Gale – the program manager at the Institute of Teaching.

Encouraging Sustainable Lifestyle Among Youngsters With Eco-Friendly Vehicle

The youth holds the future of our planet in their hands. It is important to make them aware of alternative measures so that they can safeguard our energy resources. Encouraging a sustainable lifestyle among them is also crucial so that they are well equipped to face the environmental issues at hand.

The introduction of eco-friendly promotional items by businesses can help to promote a sustainable lifestyle among youngsters. Such initiatives can also help guide the younger generation towards a green lifestyle. This alternative is advantageous to businesses as well since environment-conscious individuals begin looking at such ventures as a symbol of hope, working towards a greener planet.


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