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Ban on Paper and Plastic bags in Laredo

In the US nearly 170 cities have taken strict steps to stop the use of plastic bags

In the US nearly 170 cities have taken strict steps to stop the use of plastic bags. Laredo, Texas has become another name on this list of ecologically conscious cities as its ban on single-use plastic bags has been approved and is set to come into effect from April 2015.

No More Paper and Plastic Bags

Piles of plastic bags stand not able to be decomposed in our landfills. Year after year the piles grow larger while there is practically no cost-effective method to get rid of them. These plastic bags also litter the landscape and pollute rivers, canals, lakes and so on. Animals, including pets, are also in the habit of ingesting these shiny, colorful bits of plastic that can cause serious health issues in them including choking. These were the reasons that led the people of Laredo, Texas to institute the ban.

Although a lot of cities in Texas are trying to eradicate the plastic bag problem, Austin and Brownsville are the most prominent Texas cities which have successfully banned single-use plastic bags. Officials estimate that the city of Laredo, Texas consumes around 120 million plastic bags in a year. Plastic bag litter dots the landscape and also pollutes the Rio Grande, which is the major source of water for the city.

The introduction of this law banning plastic bags altogether required a lot of teamwork and is a milestone in the history of environment protection efforts. This will ensure the well-being of the present and the future generations by giving them a beautiful neighborhood live in and non-toxic water to consume. It is pertinent to remember that this law will exempt restaurants, take out food, dry-cleaners and newspapers.

Companies Should Use Promotional Reusable Bags Instead of Paper and Plastic

It is never easy to get people to change long-entrenched habits such as using plastic bags. One way by which this can be done is my promoting the use of reusable bags. This is exactly what a lot of local shops in various cities of Texas have started to by using promotional reusable bags, which are eco-friendly. These promotional bags are starting to make reusable bags the new fashion statement and something that should be a part of the closet of every responsible citizen. Such steps are sure to make the concept of environmental friendliness a popular one and make more and more people interested in the same.


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