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Eco-Friendly Initiatives Recognized by the Authorities at Long Beach Port

long beach port eco-friendly recognized

Long Beach Harbor leaders and local officials have recognized the commendable eco-friendly efforts of shippers in maintaining the green standards recommended by the Long BeachPort. Around 24 shippers were felicitated for their commendable efforts in upholding the green standards of the Port of Long Beach. Bob Foster, the Long Beach Mayor along with other officials honored the shipping lines that met green standards at the annual awards function.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives at Long Beach Port

Long Beach Port officials have taken measures to control pollution at this beach. The Green Flag program was introduced in 2005. This program offers incentives to ships if their speed is slowed down while approaching the port. This slows down the rate of fuel burning and in turn reduces pollution.

In the Green Flag Program 2012, 13 shipping lines were felicitated. Except 4 percent of the approaching ships, other ships slowed their speed to 12 knots while approaching the Port within the range of 20 nautical miles. Last year, 83 percent ships brought down their speed from 40 nautical miles.

The Green Flag Program – Eco-Friendly Initiatives

The Green Flag Program undertaken at the Long BeachPort is an example of encouragement toward eco friendly promotional items. The Green Flag Program has two categories of awards (i) Slowing the speed at 20 nautical miles, and (ii) Slowing the speed at 40 nautical miles. The award under the first category went to CMACGM, and Matson Navigation. The award under the second category for ships approaching the Port slowly at 40 nautical miles went to Mitsui OSK, Pacific International, ZIM Shipping, BP Shipping, Alaska Tanker Co., NYK line, China Ocean Shipping, and “K” Line.

In addition to the Green Flag Program, Long BeachPort has also taken another new initiative known as Green Ship Program. This program offers incentives to use clean ships when arriving at Long Beach. This year awards were also given under this program to OSG Ship Management, OSG International, Oxbow Carbon and Minerals, NAVIG8 Group Holdings, Wan Hai Lines, Tesoro-Gold Star Maritime, and Wallenius Wilhelmsen. Some shipping companies received both the Green Ship and Green Flags programs award. They included Orient Overseas Container Line, Mediterranean Shipping, and Hanjin Shipping.

Environmental Affairs Director, Lisa Swanson of Matson was extremely delighted to have been chosen for the environmental recognition. Lisa is planning to add cleaner ships to the company’s fleet so that they become eligible for the Green Ship Program.


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