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Reusable Recycled Grocery Bags Being Promoted in Los Altos

Grocery bags promoted

The Los Altos city council has taken the decision to prohibit shopkeepers from offering plastic bags to customers. The entire city council has voted in favor of this decision, and this ordinance is going to come into effect from the 4th of July, 2013. After the implementation of the ban, all the residents will have to switch to using reusable bags.

The Decision to Use Reusable Recycled Grocery Bags

The city council in Los Altos decided to implement this ban on the basis of a regional report or EIR (Environmental Impact Report). In this report, the experts discussed the derogatory effects of single-use plastic bags. The report stressed on the fact that plastic bags degrade the environment and the physical well-being of a person. Furthermore, in order to combat the side-effects of plastic bags, this report mentioned a working plan as well.

The ordinance that has been approved by the Los Altos government is similar to the work plan mentioned in the report. The authorities have been working on this plan from the beginning of 2013, and the authorities have finally made the decision to implement it. According to the Mayor of the city, Jarrett Fishpaw, all the members of the city council approved of this plan unanimously and they are looking forward to the positive impacts that this ban will bring to the city.

Reusable Recycled Grocery Bags – the City Council’s Focus

At present, the members of the city council are planning on conducting various events to promote reusable recycled grocery bags among the residents. Once the ban is implemented, the residents will have to take their own reusable totes to the grocery stores, or they will have to buy a reusable tote from the shopkeepers for 10 cents. So the city council might distribute free reusable sacks among the residents to help them adapt to the new law.

Exceptions to the Law

Even though this law is going to be implemented in the entire city, there are a few businesses that will be exempted from it. Restaurants and non-profit resellers will be allowed to use plastic bags even after the implementation of the ban. According to Megan Satterlee, a Councilwoman, this ban has been formulated in a fair manner, and all the businesses that can’t replace plastic bags without drastic losses have been excluded in the ordinance. She feels that this ban will cause no harm to the merchants in the city, and it will improve the city’s environmental quality as well.

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