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Ludlow Optimistic about Use of Eco Friendly Bags Wholesale after Bag Ban Implementation

this is necessary to make the city greener for residents in coming generations

Selectman Brian Mannix of Ludlow, Massachusetts is confident of getting people on his side after proposing that the city considers either a ban on plastic bags or charging people for using them. Selectman Mannix believes that this step is necessary to make the city cleaner and greener for the residents as well as the coming generations.

Proposal to Ban Plastic Bags Eco-Friendly Bags Wholesale

Many municipalities around the country have already instituted some kinds of restriction on the use and distribution of plastic bags, while much more are joining them every month. The use of plastic bags in America is very widespread and various scientific papers have demonstrated that they are one of the biggest cause of pollution wherever they are used. Plastic does not decompose naturally and makes up a large part of the waste generated every year in the world. It breaks down into small pieces that can be deadly for animals, including pets who can ingest these pieces.

The idea behind Selectman Mannix’s idea to ban plastic bags come from his trips to Ireland where he found that customers are charged 23 cents for every recyclable plastic bag they opt for at stores. This has led to a major decrease in the use of plastic bags in Irish cities and countryside. Closer home, cities such as Cambridge have also instituted similar provisions that have led to a remarkable decrease in pollution levels in the area. All this and the support of other selectmen has led Mannix to believe that his proposal will find many takers among the people of the city. If put into practice, such a ban has the power to change the landscape of Ludlow for the better.

Why You Should Use Eco-Friendly Bags Wholesale

The use of eco-friendly bags wholesale is not just about the beautification of a particular city or locality. In fact, with the increasing pollution and the observable changes in the environment, a step like this is gradually becoming the need of the hour for the whole world. All across the world, cities have been taking steps to reduce the use of plastic in all its forms, not just bags, and the difference such steps have had are there for all to see. Hopefully, this proposal will be passed and Ludlow will become an example for communities around the country and the world.


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