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Keep Your Kid’s Lunch Fresh with Imprinted Reusable Bags

one bag keeps food warm, does not have any toxic effects, can be used repeatedly and protect the environment in the long run.

Who said being a mom cannot be fun? Sherri French showed how she made a simple chore interesting and beneficial to the environment at the same time! Her innovative thinking helped her create an attractive, imprinted reusable bag that can be used to pack her kids’ lunch without resorting to the plastic bags.

How Did the Idea for Reusable Bags Come Up?

Sherri earlier lived in China and had a friend who is a part of a large automotive production factory there. As a part of her job, she was required to deal with plastics and finding better ways to pack and store stuff. Using her expertise in plastics, Sherri invented a plastic reusable bag to pack lunches.

Most mothers pack food using plastics that cannot be reused. They are made for just one-time use. Using aluminum foils is not always advisable. So what’s the alternative? Use one of the stylish bags that keeps the food warm, does not have any toxic effects, can be used repeatedly and protect the environment in the long run.

The product is named Spbang, thanks to Sherri’s early childhood spent in Canada. In a game of road hockey, when the wet tennis ball strikes an aluminum gate, it creates a loud sound. This is the sound that made Sherri think that it would make a great name for a product that would appeal to young moms and children. You can also clean the bag very easily – just put it in a dishwasher, and wash it like your utensils.

Apart from being eco-friendly, these bags are free from lead, phthalates, and other harmful ingredients usually found in plastic. In fact, the material used to make the bag is already being used by other food manufacturers. It can also be used to store things. Priced at $9.99, this bag has long-lasting benefits that will surely prompt anyone to take the green route to pack food always!

Cool, Swanky Imprinted Reusable Bags

If you’re looking to make your children eco-conscious, pack their lunches with imprinted reusable bags! Available easily online, you can buy a few of them, stock them and use them for a long time. Help save the environment for your child’s future and for the generations to come after that by avoiding usage of thin plastics that are toxic for humans, trees and the planet on the whole.


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