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Make Your Pet Go Green!

make your pet go green

The recent reports on the US retail market suggest that it is one of the largest consumers of organic products in the world. This holds true in the organic pet product market as well. In 2012, it is estimated that retail sales of organic products for pets was close to $4.1 billion in the US. According to analysts, these sales have reportedly had an annual growth rate of around 17% in a mere four-year period since 2008-2012.

Go Green with the Emerging Market for Organic Pet Food

Even though US is going through a period of economic downfall at present, yet the demand for organic pet products has been escalating at a consistent rate. The Natural, Organic, and Eco-Friendly, Go Green Pet Products, an organization that deals with organic pet products in the US, stated that the demand for these products has always been in double digits. So, it seems that eco-friendly promotional items have found their way in the pet industry also.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Go Green with the Pet Product Market

Organic products have changed the pet product market immensely. Looking at the increasing demand of organic products, Hill’s Science Diet, a reliable name in the pet food industry, is planning on redesigning their Science Diet product line and considering to make it organic in nature. Walmart has also recently launched it’s first organic product store named Pure Balance, and Nestle Purina is promoting it’s organic product, Purina One Beyond, continuously.

David Sprinkle, the Research Director at Packaged Facts, stated that at present there are multiple organic food brands for pets in the market. He feels that, at this point, brands need to concentrate on product differentiation, especially since all large brands are producing similar products. Currently, grain-free pet food products and human grade food products are the most popular choices among pet owners. These products give organic products a greater scope to establish themselves, so companies should try and use these products to make their own unique food product lines.

Eco-friendly pet care products follow the same trend

According to the 2012 survey by Packaged Facts, at present 38% of pet owners prefer organic brands over tradition brands for their pets. The survey also stated that 63% of the owners are extremely cautious while picking brands for their pets, as they are concerned about their pet’s safety. So, currently along with natural food products, organic pet care products have a large scope to establish themselves in the pet product market. ¬†Green pet bags for pet waste removal are also a recent trend.


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