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Making An Herb Garden Out of a Reusable Shopping Bag


Plastic reusable shopping bags will last for about 2 years with regular use and washing, but eventually they, wear out. You can extend the life of a well worn plastic reusable grocery bag by turning it into a planter for an herb garden. This can also be a great home made gift for just about anyone.

To turn a worn out plastic reusable shopping bag into a planter, cut about 6 small holes in the bottom of the bag for water drainage.  Next, you will want to line the bottom of the bag with either newspaper or some screening.  Just make sure that what ever you use to line your bag with, water will be able to pass through.  Once you have lined your bag, fill the bag with good dark soil and some fertilizer.  Once your bag is about 2/3 the way full of dirt, you can add your herbs or flowers.   Cover the bases with a little more dirt, and water.  Wa la!  A beautiful home made herb or flower garden that you made yourself out of a recycled shopping bag.

Reduce Plastic Bag Waste by Planting a Herb Garden

What do you do with your reusable shopping bags once they have worn out?  We would love to hear your creative ideas and share them our readers at Custom Earth Promos Responsible Business Blog.

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