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Residents Adapt to Green Shopping Bags in Mamaroneck

mamaroneck green shopping bags

The ban on single-use plastic bags is going to come into effect in Mamaroneck from the 31st of March, 2013. In order to help the residents adapt to this new law, some of the residents from the community have volunteered to promote green shopping bags. The authorities and the residents in this region have supported the ban on single-use plastic bags. Therefore, they want to make sure that this transition takes place smoothly.

The Ban on Plastic Bags and Use of Green Shopping Bags

According to a member of the village’s Committee for the Environment, Monica Barach, all the residents in the community have a positive opinion about the new law, so the village will not face any problems once the law is implemented. Barach stated that the village is close to water bodies, and thus the residents have often had to face problems such as clogged drains and loss in marine wildlife, due to plastic bags. So the residents are aware of the positive impacts that this new law will have on their environment.

This law was passed in Mamaroneck in the month of August, 2012. According to the ban, all the retailers within the village have to remove plastic bags from their stores, and replace them with recycled bags made out of paper or reusable bags. The law also states that all the retailers found violating the law will be penalized with a fine worth $150.

This ban is applicable to newspaper bags and shopping bags given out at shops, restaurants, and even dry cleaning stores. However, the retailers in this region are so supportive of the ban that they have decided to voluntarily ban plastic bags in all their outlets. Only one retailer in the community has decided to keep plastic bags at his store, and that is A&P. The officials from the retail store stated that paper would cost them a lot more than plastic, so they will continue to supply plastic bags to their customers.

Efforts to Promote Green Shopping Bags

Barach stated that the residents are aware of the fact that plastic bags pollute the marine eco system, and occupy a lot of space in the landfills; however, they may need some motivation to adapt to reusable bags. So to motivate the residents, the volunteers from the community have decided to distribute 1,000 reusable bags among them. These bags will be designed by a local artist, and a high school student.


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