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Eco-Friendly Fashion Show in Midvale

midvale eco-friendly fashion show

In a unique fundraiser event for Olanova which is a non-profit society that caters to the women of the weaker sections of the society, models will sport eco-friendly clothes on the ramp. The event will take place at Azevedo Studios, Midvale on the 31st of May. The organization works on the local as well as international levels empowering women from oppressed societies and underprivileged immigrants by providing employment opportunities to them. They help single mothers to become self-sufficient by endorsing eco-friendly garments and their manufacturing in local industries and household levels.

The fund-raiser event encouraged the active participation of small scale industries and women activists. The fashion designers for this eco-friendly fashion show encouraged the participants to endorse items like organic cotton or jute based clothing options in place of synthetic fabric which is widely used.

Prime Motivation for the Eco-Friendly Fashion Show

The stylists portrayed the wide variety and diversity of the local clothing trends in Utah, created magnificently using organic, eco-friendly fabric. Along with encouraging local entrepreneurs to invest in cost-effective clothing, the event’s motivation was to endorse eco-friendly items keeping in mind a greater goal. The main objective was to display the local beauties sporting the ethnic cultural diversity of the region. Also, going with the main theme of the event, the most sensitive issue of this age, which is conservation of the environment, was stressed upon throughout the event.

Sonia Thomas, the proprietor of the company, says the event is aimed at using the eco friendly promotional items to unite the women in the locality and internationally in a unique cause, working together to find a place in the society. She also suggests that, without the participation of all in the society, the movement of adapting to eco-friendly practices will not be successful. So, women are, by all means, encouraged to invite men for promotion of the cause.

Fashion Show to Encourage the Use of Eco Friendly Promotional Items

The endorsing companies funded the fashion show, and Olanova society too has contributed some funds from its closet. The event is a fundraising attempt to increase job opportunities for the refugees and the single mothers who are actively supported by the organization. All donations, whether small or big, are welcome to serve the purpose and also encourage the shift to eco-friendly clothing globally. Along with the donations, the tickets to the event will be charged at just $15 for general category and $30 for VIP entries.


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