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Minneapolis Planning a Ban on Plastic Bags

Minneapolis plastic bag ban

The environment has been affected adversely by the use of plastic bags. With the increasing need to curb the level of pollution, a number of cities in the United States have opted for a ban on the convenient yet hazardous plastic bags. Minneapolis may be the next city to go green with a similar ban.

Going a Plastic-Free Way Since the Ban on Plastic Bags

Taking into consideration the detrimental effects that plastic bags have on our environment, cities such as Portland, Austin, Oregon, Texas, and Los Angeles have banned the use of plastic bags. Currently, Meg Tuthill – a member of the City Council in Minneapolis is also considering the option of a ban on plastic bags used by shoppers.

Tuthill does not believe in the concept of charging people for the use of disposable bags. According to her, the most sensible way in which every individual can have a positive influence on the environment is by simply refraining from the use of plastic bags. She is looking at a complete ban on plastic bags.

As of now, Meg Tuthill has been busy collecting input from retailers. If she has her way, the retailers in Minneapolis will not be allowed to offer the convenience of plastic bags to their shoppers.

Paul, a citizen of Minneapolis who carries plastic bags with reluctance, says that plastic bags are awful for the environment as they don’t decompose completely. At times, the roads are lined with plastic bags and this is a rather unpleasant sight.

Large stores such as Target Corporation urge individuals to minimize the use of plastic bags and have partnered with the local governments to observe all the related rules and regulations. Shoppers are encouraged to carry along reusable bags through the introduction of an incentive of five cents for every reusable bag. To promote the concept of recycling, recycling bins have also been placed at such stores mainly for bags.

Why Choose Wholesale Reusable Bags Over Plastic Bags?

Plastic bags are hazardous to the environment. They rank among the top causes of pollution around the world. As they do not decompose completely, they occupy space in landfills for years. During this period, they release harmful gases into the atmosphere.  They are also found scattered across the landscape and clogging water bodies causing great harm to wildlife, affecting the ecological balance of our planet.

In comparison, wholesale reusable bags are definitely a better option since they reduce the strain on the environment. As they can be used repeatedly, the utilization of raw material and energy is also reduced. We see that refraining from the use of plastic bags will surely have many advantages.


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