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MOFGA Looks For a New Head

mofga looks for a new head

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association has been looking for an executive director to carry forward the organization after the unfortunate demise of their 17-year old leader, Russell Libby, in December. There have been a few applicants for the post until now, and the officials are anticipating some more for this post.

The New Face of MOFGA

MOFGA, since October has been under the guidance of Heather Spalding, interim executive director since the time Russell Libby parted. Melissa White Pillsbury, the marketing coordinator of the organization has expressed concern stating that the organization has been extensively examining candidates for their next executive director for sometime now. She has even stated that the organization is not looking for people who could just come in to fill the position, but actually set a good example of a leader.

Owing to a commendable contribution offered by Russell Libby, he was being talked about in the New York Times obituary section, and flags throughout Maine were raised at half-mast as ordered by Gov. Paul LePage. MOFGA was also endowed with $30,000 in Russell Libby’s name.

Russell Libby was a man with great stature which is why it has become all the more hard to find a suitable replacement. MOFGA is looking for a sincere face who would strongly engage in the organic farming community activities and not someone who is intimidated by the legacy.

Process to Represent a Company That Encourages Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

MOFGA has earned a respected name under the leadership of Russell Libby with 6500 active members, 418 organic farms and processing operations, and about 1500 volunteers. The association works greatly towards encouraging the use of eco friendly promotional items. So to find someone who can take over from here, the search committee of MOFGA will start reviewing the most eligible applications this week. There is, however, no submission deadline and the search process would go on until they find a suitable candidate.

The ideal candidate is expected to boost the organization’s goals of helping the farmers to grow organic crops, create environmental awareness, recycle resources, support the rural community, increase the local food produce, educate people on benefits of healthy food and promote environment-friendly farming practices.

Heather Spalding, who has worked closely with Libby for around 15 years, is not seeking a permanent position as confirmed by Chris Hamilton, the associate director. Hamilton also feels that many a people might find it tough to play the role of the leader as perfectly as Libby. Libby, on the other hand, believed that he has his share of challenges and that there are people who can follow him and do a better job.


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