The residents of Monroe do not need to carry their recyclable storage bins to the curbside anymore. They will be getting carts of 96 gallons for placing their recyclables. Residential Waste Systems Operations Manager, John Bria, said that it will be a convenient option for the residents of the whole town. He added that it will also reduce the carbon footprint of his company by resulting in lesser truck runs.

What Does the Bamboo Bags Cart Hold in Store for the Residents?

Many residents who have registered under the recycling program presently use bins of 16 gallons. Bria said that his company is making an investment of $353,000 for the town with this move. He explained that other towns, which have switched to these gallons, have seen an average increase of 30% in people getting into recycling.

All the materials that can go into the bin have been listed on the website of Residential Waste Systems. The website also provides contact information of the office and explains the method of putting out the bins. This information has been given because the trucks are fully automated and people may not know how to use them. The website also provides useful information that can help people in recycling.

The good thing about this improvement is that there won't be any extra cost for it. The only cost would be a monthly fee of $10 for those customers who are not willing to wait for the whole town to switch to these larger containers. Bria specified that the fee will be charged because a separate truck to pick up these large containers will have to be sent for these pick ups.

Recently Bria along with his father, who owns Residential Waste Systems, gave a presentation on these carts to the Town Council. Steve Vavrek, the First Selectman, showed his support for the new, larger containers. He was also in favor of the service being offered biweekly. He said that people are hardly able to fill the bins every week. So providing the service biweekly makes sense to him.

Bamboo Bags, Reusable Totes, and Recyclable Bags – Other Options of Being Eco Friendly

The residents of Monroe are looking forward to the large containers. They feel that using eco friendly options like bamboo bags, reusable bags, and so on is a good way of paying back to the city. They are keen on making the best use of these recycling carts as well.