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A Resident Encourages Recycling and Customized Tote Bags in Monroe County

monroe county customized tote bags

A staunch believer of recycling, Lisa Murphy, a resident of Monroe County has been making efforts to make her family members and her neighbors environmentally conscious. She has recycling bins all over her house, that is, in the bedroom, kitchen, garage, and even the bathrooms. Each of these bins is meant to dispose specific waste materials such as glass, plastic, paper, and aluminum. Murphy is hoping that with the switch to a curbside recycling system, the residents in the county will participate in the recycling activities more actively.

The Recycling System in Monroe County

Currently, MonroeCounty follows a dual-stream recycling system where the residents need to segregate their waste materials before handing them over to the waste collectors. The segregated waste materials are picked up by the waste haulers in separate compartments. The collected waste is then taken over to the Monroe County Recycling Center.

Every day, the recycling center in Monroe County collects approximately 175 tons of waste. Since the residents segregate the waste materials and then send it over to the recycling center, the workers at the center just need to place the waste materials in their respective lines. However, in the coming 2 years, the county is going to move to a single-stream curbside recycling system.

In the single-stream recycling system, the residents will not have to segregate their waste materials. As a matter of fact, the workers at the recycling center will separate the waste materials. The county authorities are going to invest around $3.5 million on the new curbside recycling system, as they believe that more residents will participate in recycling activities if they don’t have to segregate their waste materials themselves.

Murphy Supports Curbside Recycling and Encourages Customized Tote Bags

Lisa Murphy agrees with the county officials and feels that more residents would participate in the recycling activities conducted by the county if they don’t have to segregate the waste themselves. According to Murphy, when she lived in California, most of the residents disposed their waste materials in customized tote bags without segregating them. In her opinion, such a system would work well in Monroe County as well.

According to an official from the Monroe County Recycling Center, Russ Rutkowski, many residents refrain from recycling because they are not sure about how they are suppose to segregate their waste materials. So a curbside recycling system would motivate such residents to recycle their waste. At present, the county officials along with the Rochester city council are trying to look for consultants that will help them in organizing regular recycling pickups, once the curbside recycling system is introduced.

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