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Monrovia Planning to Encourage the Use of Custom Eco Bags With a Ban on Plastic Bags

monrovia ban on plastic bags

The Monrovia City Council is considering the implementation of a ban on plastic bags by the fall of 2013. At present, the members of the city staff are busy studying the ordinances, pertaining to reusable bags, which have already been adopted by other municipalities. Based on the ordinances that have already been passed, the staff at the City Council will put together a proposal for a ban on plastic bags in Monrovia.

Ban on Plastic Bags

Plastic bags have an undesirable effect on the environment. They are found in abundance in landfills, taking up a large portion of the space available there. Many a times, they are found littering the streets and clogging water bodies, causing damage to wildlife and disrupting the ecological balance of the environment. Looking at all these damaging aspects, the Monrovia City Council is looking at a ban on plastic bags which should come into effect from the fall of this year.

As of now, members of the city staff are scrutinizing the bans on plastic bags implemented in cities around Monrovia. Based on the studies, the staff will present a proposal to the council in October. Laurie Lile, the City Manager mentioned that the council would then vote on the proposal.

The city took up the issue regarding a ban on plastic bags seriously after they were asked to do so by a number of residents, during a council meeting held in January, 2013.

Laurie Lile stated that the opinion of the members of the Monrovia Chamber of Commerce would be taken into consideration while drafting out the proposal since they were bound to be affected by the ban on plastic bags.

During the meeting in the first week of July, Councilman Alexander Blackburn declared that he strongly supported the ban on plastic bags. He also stated that he couldn’t think of any motive to go against the implementation of the ban other than being too lazy to think and act accordingly, before making a trip to the grocery store.

Custom Eco-Bags Can Replace Plastic After Ban on Plastic Bags

The need to do away with plastic bags is imperative in order to protect the environment. We all are well aware of the damaging effect that plastic bags have on our environment. However, most of us are too caught up in our lives to even think about the difference we could make by simply refusing to use a disposable bag.

Replacing plastic bags with reusable custom eco bags would really be beneficial to the environment and if the residents of an entire city embark on a mission to use only reusable and recycled bags, it will surely have a positive impact on the well-being of our environment.

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