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Custom Reusable Grocery Bags in Mountain View

mountain view custom reusable grocery bags

Earth Day is celebrated every year to remind people that they have a responsibility towards the environment. This day is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in some parts of America. In 2013, a lot of American cities implemented reusable bag ordinances to celebrate the day. Mountain View also implemented a ban on plastic bags on the April 22nd, 2013, and the authorities are happy with the way the residents and the store owners have responded to the ban.

Custom Reusable Grocery Bags in Mountain View

According to the plastic bag ban that has been implemented in the city of Mountain View, all the grocery and the retail stores in the region need to charge their customers around 10 cents for the paper bags that they offer them. None of the stores are permitted to use or supply plastic bags to the customers, and the stores have even been asked to give customers who use reusable bags a discount on their purchases.

This ban has not been implemented by the restaurants and medical stores within the city. This is because they deal with products that can get damaged if circulated in reusable bags. So the city council has taken the decision to exempt them from the ban.

The Importance of Maintaining Custom Reusable Grocery Bags

Along with the implementation of the ban, the city council is conducting campaigns to educate the residents on how to maintain their reusable bags. Custom reusable grocery bags are a good alternative to plastic bags, but if they are not maintained properly, they can cause infections and affect the health of the users. Reusable bags have the potential of accumulating bacterial infections. So when residents buy their groceries in an infected reusable bag, they are at a risk of getting food poisoning or other types of disease.

Keeping in mind the potential dangers of using reusable bags very often, the city council is advising residents to wash their reusable bags at regular intervals of time. In addition to this, they have recommended residents to use separate reusable bags for separate chores. Experts feel that residents should dispose their reusable bags in every three months, and they should clean them twice a month at least. Also, they think that residents should store their bags in cold and clean places so as to avoid any type of bacterial contamination.


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