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Cheap Custom Made Bags and Recycling Initiatives in Naperville

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In order to make the recycling process simpler for the residents in Naperville, the city’s Park District Green Team has come up with a few easy methods of recycling. These methods are ideal for recycling household waste, and they benefit the environment and the residents. The Green Team is presently educating the residents on the available recycling options, and they are hoping that more and more residents will participate in these initiatives in the near future.

Cheap Custom Made Bags Taken up by the Park District

In the year 2012, the Park District has conducted a lot of recycling initiatives in the region of Naperville. The team from the Park District organized a recycling program for holiday lights during the holidays, and they were successful in recycling close to 1,392 pounds of holiday lights through this program. The team from Park District collaborated with Elgin Recycling for this program, and both the administrations organized three drop-off centers for this program. The team from Park District collected approximately $208.80 during this event, and they have decided to use these funds to organize a similar program at the end of 2013.

Apart from this event, the Park District also organized a shoe recycling event in collaboration with the Players Indoor Sports Center. This event was hosted from the 1st of February, 2013 to the 3rd of March, 2013. According to the Program Manager at the sports center, Brock Atwell, this event helped the center collect a lot of shoes which can be recycled into new pairs.

The organizers collected approximately 429 pairs of shoes during this event, and they separated them into wearable and non-wearable categories. The wearable shoes will be donated to charity by the organizers of the program, while the non-wearable shoes will be sent to the Nike’s Reuse program. The reuse program by Nike uses various parts of a shoe to make track surfaces, tennis courts, playground surfaces, and gym floors.

Cheap Custom Made Bags and Recycling Initiatives in Naperville

According to the officials from the Park District, the residents in Naperville need to be encouraged to recycle and they are going to try and host the event to promote recycling among them. Apart from reusable bags, the team from the Park District is also going to promote cheap custom made bags among the residents, as they feel that reusable bags can help solve the waste generation and disposal problems within the region.


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