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Naturally Grown, Organic, Not One and the Same?

natural not same as organic

Did you ever stop to question whether naturally grown and organic are the same, or have differences? Well, there is a huge difference between food that is labeled ‘organic’ and that which is labeled ‘natural’. Though retailers play around with names to increase sales, there still is a lot of confusion as to which food is actually healthier to consume.

Which Tag to Follow – Organic or Naturally Grown?

Though this sounds quite simple, this question is important enough to be a million-dollar question, though the difference between the two is clearly defined by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which has set forth a designation for organic foods. As early as 2000, the USDA made public its stand on organic foods and anyone producing organic foods was under strict scrutiny and subject to legal regulations.

One cannot deny the fact that there exist several types of organic foods and each is labeled according to a specific criterion. The primary requisite is that to earn the label ‘organic’ the food should have been grown without any synthetic fertilizers being added to enhance the growth, nor should any synthetic pesticides be used. That’s not all; the growers need to refrain from using any sort of ‘growth hormones’, genetic engineering, antibiotics or irradiation.

As per USDA specifications, the ‘organic’ label means that the food products come under the scrutiny and authority of the Organic Foods Production Act. Additionally, organic farming is an age old, healthy practice that promotes biodiversity, keeps the biological cycle going, and allows the soil to retain the biological activity.

In direct contrast, natural foods do not come under any sort of scrutiny or federal supervision. They do not come under any legal binding or criterion. While the USDA lays down strictures that the ingredients need to be listed according to the order of concentration, natural foods do not come under any such official stipulation, and one is led to believe what the packaging promotes. Though food labeled ‘natural’ is believed to contain minimum additives or preservatives, it stands nowhere near food labeled ‘organic’, and one should never be led to believe that ‘natural’ foods are as good as the ‘organic’ ones. When eco-friendly promotional items are used for promoting organic food, it makes people realize the gravity of the situation by helping identify the difference between foods labeled ‘natural’ and ‘organic’.

Using Eco-Friendly Items for Promoting Naturally Grown Food

Though producers of ‘organic’ foods are going the extra mile to produce healthy food products, they need to take steps to incorporate the use of eco-friendly promotional items not just to create awareness, but to also boost sales. Although this may add to the cost initially, in the long run, apart from doing valuable service to society, they will also be able to withstand the market pressures and be able to sustain in fiercely competitive conditions.


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