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New Law on Electronic Recycling Affects Recycling of Old Electric Equipment

law on electronic recycling

A ban on dumping electronics in landfills was introduced less than a year ago in Pennsylvania. However, the alternatives for recycling older models of televisions have been steadily decreasing in number, the main reason for this being the cost factor. The number of electronic items that need recycling has surpassed the amount of money available for the process and this has left those who recycle cornered in the bargain.

How Is the New Law Affecting Old Electronics and Electronic Recycling?

The ban prohibited the dumping of television sets, computer monitors, printers, and other computer peripherals in landfills. According to this ban, these articles should be recycled. However, due to insufficient funds and quota restrictions, the alternatives for recycling older versions of television sets have reduced.

According to Kasianowitz Lisa, from the Department of Environmental Protection of the state, this year as per the law, retailers and manufacturers have to bear part of the recycling cost that amounts to fifty percent of the total weight of the products disposed in 2011. They are also responsible for checking out collection sites for people to drop off their used devices at no cost. Retailers could opt to accumulate electronic waste at their stores itself.

Individuals have been opting for the latest models of modern, lightweight, flat screen televisions especially as they have become more affordable. This has resulted in a large number of old, bulky television units ending up at the collection units.

Due to budgetary constraints and limitations on the weight of products to be recycled, a few of the collection sites have decided to stop accepting televisions with cathode rays while some have decided to reduce the number of such televisions they accept for recycling. Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania is an example of the former while AERC Recycling Solutions, Allentown, is an example of the latter.

According to Corey Dehmey, who is the Vice President of operations and compliance – AERC Recycling Solutions, the quantity of articles that need to be recycled is far more than the amount of money available for the same.

Create Proper Electronic Recycling Awareness With Eco-Friendly Promotional Items 

People are often in a hurry to dispose off old electronic articles as soon as they make a purchase. This leads to a large number of electronic items ending up in landfills, mainly due to ignorance. However, if awareness is created and proper guidance is provided to the people, by companies and recycling authorities, with regard to proper disposal and recycling of electronic items, recycling will surely be a much simpler process.

Eco-friendly promotional items with short messages promoting recycling could be used for the same. Items such as recycled reusable covers or cases for devices, with details of recycling procedures and collection centers, could also be used to create awareness regarding the same.


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