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Winners of NJ Reusable Bag Design Contest Announced

bags manufactured will be provided to local nonprofit organizations, schools and groceries.

To make more people aware of and interested in the use of the wholesale reusable bag, Jersey City joined hands with ReUse Jersey City, funded by Goldman Sachs and organized a competition to choose the 2 best designs to feature on the reusable bags being provided by the city. Shirin Vazir won in the adults’ category while Andrew Casino in the under-18 category.

We Have a Winner for Our Reusable Bag Contest

Jersey City is not the only place that has witnessed firsthand the menace use of plastic bags can create. Thin plastics used in grocery shopping, in medical pharmacies and take-out restaurants mainly can only be used once and must then be disposed of. Plastics can neither by recycles nor reused. In a bid to reduce the usage of these environmental toxic hazards, the City organized this competition. Vazir chose her these as the Statue of Liberty while Casino chose a butterfly. The winning designs will feature on 1,500 reusable bags produced by Bag the Habit and Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation. Both winners also received $250 as cash prize.

The bags manufactured will be provided to local nonprofit organizations, schools and groceries. These establishments can in turn sell them to all people and promote the use of wholesale reusable bags. These bags are important because they are cost-effective in the long run, store owners need not stock up on plastics either, can be washed and reused and most importantly, do no damage the environment in any way. They are made out of recyclable materials so once the bag is no longer usable, they can be recycled.

Mayor Steve Fulop and both winners have stated how important it is to use these bags to protect the environments as plastics are the biggest pollutants in the world. Animals, plants and people have all suffered because of its use. With pretty reusable bags coming into the market, you can make your shopping fun too!

Don’t forget the good old wholesale reusable bags

Reusable bags are being touted as ‘the green product’ for a long time now. Want to know why? Just look around and see in how many instances you have to use plastics. You leave your house to buy groceries or food and usually walk out empty-handed but return with one or two plastic bags in hand. The next time you are out shopping, the same thing happens. Instead, start using reusable bags that are being made available to all customers and help protect the environment.



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