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Residents Still Not Used to Carrying Printable Reusable Bags

people still do not realize the benefits of having a printable reusable bag

Since July 1, plastic bags are banned from small and large grocery stores in L.A., and people will have to pay for them. However, people still do not realize the benefits of having a printable reusable bag. Most people simply forget that they need one, or choose to pay 10 cents to buy a single use plastic bag.

Residents Used to the Ban While Using Printable Reusable Bags

Plastic bags are banned in the city from the beginning of this year in larger retails and pharmacies. As of July 1, the ban has been extended to smaller retail stores like 7 Eleven and AMPM. Now any retail store that has a grocery section will not be allowed to give out plastic bags for free. A fee is to be taken from customers who do not have a bag and want a reusable one, which is usually 10 cents. This can be avoided by using a reusable bag which is a simple solution to the aforementioned and also a solution to the environmental problems that plastic has been creating.

A retailer at Ranch Meat Market showed his appreciation for the ordinance passed and said that plastic bags do cause a lot of contamination and garbage disposal problems. Customers do like the steps taken by the city authorities, and are saying that they will do their best to uphold the order given by them. Some problems are being faced by the customers because of the ban, especially when they forget their reusable bag in the car or at home. The problems can be easily solved by making people more aware of the ban and reminding them about the benefits of carrying a printable reusable bag every time they grocery shop. Such a bag can be customized to the person’s liking.

Take out Those Printable Reusable Bags and Help Reduce Plastic Waste

As the ban on plastic bags comes into effect, buying printable reusable bags becomes a viable option for the carrying needs of customers. Plastic bags are not bio-degradable and cause a lot of problems for the environment. They clog up drains, increase garbage and cause pollution. Reusable bags are a much better option for carrying your groceries. Printable reusable bags are quite the sustainable option for the environment. The bags can be printed, so a variety of customizing options can be had, and you can haul your groceries easily and do your shopping in style.



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