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Plastic Bag Ban Supported by Ocean Beach Town Council

ocean beach plastic bag ban

The residents of Ocean Beach can breathe a huge sigh of relief, thanks to the passing of the resolution supporting the plastic bag ban. Especially for the environmentalists and watchdogs, who have been clamoring for this ban since long.

Highlights of the Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance

The members of the Council met on November 14th and unanimously agreed to impose the ban, which is the first positive step towards eradicating the menace from plastic, which has attained unmanageable proportions. What with over a mind-boggling 500 million single-use plastic bags being used in San Diego in a year, with just about 3% being recycled. The rest add to the growing mountain of waste that does not qualify as biodegradable. People can hope to see less of windblown plastic bags that take off at the slightest hint of a breeze and circumambulate the city before settling down to choke storm drains and sewers.

In addition to degrading the soil and making it lose its precious properties, this bane from plastics pollutes the waterways as well, threatening to eventually wipe out marine and avian species. It is indeed a relief to note that over 70 municipalities in California have already passed laws, either banning plastic bags or restricting their usage. The Ocean Beach Town Council went on further to ensure that they are committed to protecting the environment and public health. The welfare of the community seems to have taken the upper hand when compared to commercial compulsions.

With the ordinance that supports plastic bag reduction in place, the council hopes to enforce a total ban on single-use plastic bags in the City of San Diego. This, they hope, will be the most efficient measure that will reflect a significant reduction in wasted energy, and reduce the greenhouse gases as well. The city also will be litter free, and the air less polluted, thanks to the doggedness with which the issue was pursued.

Why Do We Need a Plastic Bag Ban?

An appeal has been sent out to the Ocean Beach business community and other non-profit organizations to cooperate by urging the users to desist from carrying single-use, carryout plastic bags. A likely replacement could be promotional reusable bags that would serve the dual purpose of replacing plastic and promoting business interests. People should also consider switching to reusable bags, and put up with the additional discomfort of carrying their own promotional reusable bags whenever they step out of their homes on a shopping spree.


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