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Only Eco bags to be Used in Tumwater, Olympia and Lacey from July 1

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In an effort to promote eco-friendliness on a large-scale basis, the Thurston City Council has decreed that effective July 1, usage of plastic bags measuring 2.25mil or less will be banned in Lacey, Tumwater, Olympia and other unincorporated parts of the county. This move aims to promote usage of reusable eco bags.

What Changes Will the Eco Bags Bring?

Single use plastic bags pose a serious threat to the environment as they cannot be recycled. By implementing this ban, the Council wants to ensure that more citizens adopt the green way to shop. Where necessary, the Council has permitted customers to use plastics in certain instances – when they collect newspapers, laundered clothes or bulk traders such traders of take-out food products, meat, home appliances and so on. Thick plastic bags do not impose as large a threat as thin plastic bags do, so their use is not prohibited.

In addition to banning plastic bags, the Council has also decreed that storekeepers shall charge no less than 5 cents paper bags that with a capacity of one-eighth of a barrel or larger. The paper bags must also be at least 40 percent recyclable to ensure that there are not many trees cut down in an effort to prevent use of plastics. These fees charged by the store owners can be retained by them so they can compensate for the price they pay to stock costlier paper bags.

The bottom line of this decision is that by imposing a ban on paper and plastic bags, the Council exhorts its citizens to start using their own reusable and recyclable eco bags. This ensures that a customer does not have to pay for carry bags every time he/she shops and also benefits the environment. The pitiful sight of stray animals choking on these fatal plastics and other such instances can be avoided to a large extent by this ban.

Why Use Eco Bags?

The Council’s momentous decision brings into focus efforts made by common men to improve the ecology. We need not only rely on celebrities and glamorous models to promote the use of eco bags or indeed, go green in any other manner! The Council’s bans will help the citizens and their future generations in the long run.

Visit the county’s website at: to know more about the landmark move and pick up useful facts as well as guidelines. Storekeepers can rate the performance of the ban by completing the Council’s survey and download ad signs to encourage more customers in using eco bags.


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