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Organic Farming in Puyallup Valley

puyallup valley organic farming

Organic farming has gained a lot of popularity in the US in the past few years, and at present, many organic farms sell their produce to the residents at regular intervals. The Terry’s Berries, an organic farm located in the serene Puyallup Valley is one such farm that sells all of its organic produce in the nearby markets.

The 25-Acre Organic Farming in Puyallup Valley

The Terry’s Berries farm is own by an aged couple, Terry and Dick Carkner. The couple enjoys growing their own food and over a period of time, they converted their passion into their profession. According to Dick, CSA or Community Supported Agriculture helped them in establishing their farm over the past 30 years. Initially, the couple used the farmland only to grow particular types of fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. But at present, they grow a variety of vegetables on the farm as well.

The Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Available at the Farm

At present, the entire farm is divided into different sections. According to Dick, close to 5 acres of the farmland is allocated only for the berries, and out of this 5 acres, 3 acres is devoted to raspberries. He stated that the residents of the region love their berries, and raspberries are one of their highest selling products, so they cultivate it in a large space. The remaining 2 acres are used for blueberry and strawberry cultivation.

The remaining farmland is used for cultivating vegetables. Terry states that they grow the variety of vegetables on their farm with regard to the season. The most popular vegetables of the farm are broccoli, leeks, carrots, and a variety of other greens. Terry wants to grow apples and other organic produce on the farm, but since the farm is on the side of a mountain, it is very hard for the couple to grow them. They only use eco friendly and organic items to cultivate and sell their products.

The Carkners Organic Products in the Organic Farming Market

The California state government has no restrictions on the type of products that can be sold in the local farm market, so the Carkners sell their produce in the near by markets. Even though, the couple started cultivating food products on the farm for their personal needs, they are happy that they converted it into a profession. Dick stated that organic food products are far healthier than regular food products, and so he is happy that he sells good quality products to his customers. The effort of this couple is helping promote the use of organic produce and the use of eco friendly promotional items among the residents of Puyallup Valley.


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