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Organic Food at Sue Ryan’s Store

organic food at sue ryans

The residents of Rehoboth Beach have another option to keep themselves healthy and fit. A new organic food store called ‘Good Earth Foods’ has recently been opened in the town. This store is owned by Sue Ryan, who has been living an organic lifestyle since the nine years.

New Organic Food Store

Sue is very particular about the food made available at her store. She is also aware of the fact that not many consumers are very clear about the idea of organic food. They tend to get confused between organic food, natural food, 100% organic food, and other terms used by different stores. So she clearly explains that the meat sold at her store is fed with organic grains. These grains are not grown with any sort of antibiotics, pesticides or any other chemicals. She also does not use growth hormones for the animals nor does she use genetically modified organisms.

Sue herself grows most of the produce supplied at the store. She has a farm in Clarksville where she grows blueberries, tomatoes, strawberries, specialty peppers, assorted herbs, honey, squash and some more food items. This produce also forms a major component of the ingredients used at NorthEast Seafood Kitchen, Bluecoast Seafood Grill, and Matt’s Fish Camp.

The chef and owner of Matt’s Fish Camp, Matt Haley also works with Sue as a partner many times during the year to provide farm in order to table dinner facility. All the items that they serve are created exclusively from the organic products from Good Earth. These organic food products are also sold at Lewes, Fenwick and farmers market of Bethany Beach.

She also tells that MSG, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, hydrogenated oils and corn syrup that is high in fructose is not available at her store. What is offered at the store also includes clean chips, snacks, cookies, organic milk, organic cheese and grass fed pork, beef and chicken.

Organic Food Making the World a Better Place

This is not the first time Sue has opened an organic store. Her first business enterprise was an organic food store with the same name as now. This store is located at Clarkesville near Bethany Beach. This store has become the longest running organic food supplier in the state.  Sue has always believed in doing her bit for the environment. She also wants people to realize the importance of eco-friendly promotional items and accept them in their life.


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