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Organic Products Delivery in Westfield

westfield organic products delivery

Her interest in healthy living is what got Meredith Lehman, a Westfield resident, to start an organic farming business. This mother of three is setting up a door to door delivery business that specializes in organic products. Lehman also has plans to expand her business and to purchase her own farm for the purpose.

Organic Products Offered by Meredith

Meredith who was a college gymnast says she was always surrounded by health conscious people. Her new business venture, which is called “Just Farmed” is an outcome of her passion of healthy foods. This venture enables customers to order a home delivery of in-season produce that is locally grown, right at their door step. The order will be delivered in a produce box which is approved by the FDA. The boxes are also chilled with ice packs which prevents the vegetables from getting spoilt. The food delivered is fresher, so it will definitely taste better than the normal food items. The deliveries will be complete with recipes which instruct the user as on how to use the produce individually and in combination with other ingredients.

Meredith clarifies that the aim of her business is to provide the customers with fresh organic produce that is certified. Her husband Brian is also an active partner of her business venture. The business will go online from May 9th. Initially delivery will be available at the areas of Fanwood, Cranford, Garwood, Mountainside, Clark, Westfield, and the Scotch Plains. Meredith also plans to include BerkeleyHeights and North Plainfield to their delivery zones. She says she is also willing to accommodate other areas into the delivery route, in case a need arises.

Meredith gets the produce of her business delivered from around 70 farms in the areas of New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. She says that all these farms produce different organic goods. The organic produce obtained from these farms also varies in accordance with the seasons. Lehman also dreams of distributing organic produce that grow in her very own farm.

The Benefits of Including Organic Products in Your Diet

There are many benefits of including organic food items in your diet. These eco friendly promotional items are said to have more nutrients and antioxidants.  Organic food will be free from pesticides and chemicals which are used during the farming of normal food. So, people having allergies to chemicals and preservatives can have these food items without any fear of getting unwell. Organic food items contain no hydrogenated fat, which reduces the chance of occurrence of conditions like high cholesterol. Growing organic food products is also beneficial to the environment. Instead of using pesticides, organic farmers rely on the natural diversity of the field. Organic farming is environmental friendly and you can also see a wide variety of flora and fauna in such farms.


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