When you want to organize your brand name and design on shopping bags, you need to rethink your layout. You can do something very creative that is going to be impressive and fun. These bags become easier to read, and you can make them in all styles, suit the season, and give them away. 

Check out Custom Earth Promos when you want to do a new layout for your shopping bags. We can help you place your order today.

How Should Shopping Bags Look?

When you create the layout for your shopping bags, it is all about the style you want. You are not just placing your logo in the middle with color around it. You can rethink how everything fits. Your business has a name, phone number, slogan, email address, and/or website. All these things fit, but you need to make sure that you have made room for them all without overtaking the whole bag.

Which Comes First?

You need to decide if your logo or name comes first. If the logo comes first, you can place it in the middle or a corner so that you can work around it. If you have no logo or do not think the logo matters, you can use your company name, slogan, and contact information. Place it all in a corner, off to the side, or in the middle of the bag. If all the other information is swirling around the bag, it is more fun to look at.

Place Your Order Today

You can place an order today when you reach out to us at Custom Earth Promos. We make sure that you get the best possible service, and we will help with your layout. We want this to be an easy and fun process. If each bag looks different, you can use that variety as a marketing technique. Plus, your customers might want to start collecting your bags.