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Custom Green Bags and Reusable Bags to Replace Plastic Bags in Pacifica

pacifica custom recycled eco-friendly bags

Since most of the cities and counties in the U.S. have banned the usage of plastic bags in their premises, the Pacifica city council has taken the decision to implement the same rule in their jurisdiction as well. From the 22nd of April, 2013 or Earth Day, the residents of Pacifica city will have to use reusable bags or custom green bags while visiting stores. The council passed the Reusable Bag Ordinance a few days back and the retailers will have to adapt to this change from the month of April.

The Impact of the Reusable Bag Ordinance and Custom Green Bags

The city council of Pacifica feels that this ordinance will help in reducing the environmental degradation that single-use plastic bags cause. On an average, Californians use around 20 billion plastic bags in a year’s time. Most of these single-use plastic bags are disposed into the waste disposal landfills or are thrown around the city premises as litter. So these bags occupy a large portion of the landfills and also harm the marine and land wildlife. With the help of this ordinance, the burden of these bags on the landfills can be curbed and the litter rate within the city premises can also be reduced.

The city officials are trying to explain the positive impacts of the ban on single-use plastic bags to the retailers within the city. They are making these efforts as they feel that once the retailers understand the benefits of this decision, they will accept it readily.

Other Counties and Cities That Have Promoted Custom Green Bags

Apart from Pacifica city, there are many other counties and cities within the U.S that have taken up initiatives to curb the pollution caused by single-use plastic bags. In 2012, San Mateo took up an initiative to propagate reusable bags and custom green bags among its residents. The county passed a similar ordinance and banned the distribution of plastic bags within its premises as well.

In the coming few months, Half Moon Bay is also expected to pass a similar ordinance. The city council of Half Moon Bay is going to review the ordinances that have been passed in the other counties and cities, and then make their decision. However, experts feel that the Bay council will adopt a method similar to that of San Mateo’s while implementing this ban and promoting reusable bags.


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