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Diver Saves Sea Turtle After A Plastic Bag Became Lodged Down Her Throat

Nov 25 2017 Plastic is unnatural. It's toxic. It's no wonder why countries and states around the world are trying to ban plastic products and more importantly plastic bags. It's been one year since California banned single-use plastic bags and as the Los Angeles Times put it, "the world didn't end." In fact, plastic bags accounted for 3.1 percent... read more
Use reusable dinnerware for a more eco-friendly Thanksgiving.

3 Tips For a More Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Meal

Nov 23 2017 If you picture Thanksgiving – family, traditions, and of course food come to mind. With all the preparation that goes into orchestrating the perfect Thanksgiving meal, it can be easy to neglect the environment. Here are a few tips to ensure that doesn't happen this year and to help you prepare for a more eco-friendly... read more
The World's Most Toxic Countries Mapped

These Are the World’s Most Toxic Countries [Map Study]

Oct 14 2017 No matter where you live in the world, or how rich or poor your country is, you're bound to experience some level of pollution. However, there's a chance you might not be aware of just how toxic the area you live in really is. To find out, The Eco Experts, one of the largest solar comparison groups in the UK, analyzed data from 135... read more
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How You Can Use Reusable Bags Beyond The Grocery Store

Oct 10 2017 By now, you should be taking reusable grocery bags with you every time you go to the grocery store but your uses for reusable bags can and should go beyond the grocery store. Here's a look at some of the other ways you can use those reusable bags. Shopping Sprees  Whether you're heading to the mall, Home Goods, or your local farmers... read more
Green living blogs you should have bookmarked if you don't already

The 3 Best Green Living Blogs to Live By

Oct 7 2017 Green living simply means making daily sustainable lifestyle choices that reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. Some green living behaviors include recycling, buying local, reducing the amount of energy you use, and driving fuel-efficient or electric cars (or not driving at all, of course). Other green habits people might adopt... read more
Empty sauce and jam jars are great examples of household items that you can reuse and repurpose.

3 Home Items That You Can Reuse Again and Again

Oct 6 2017 At Custom Earth Promos, we're all in favor of EPA's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle campaign, but this time, we thought we'd add upcycling to the list. Here are three ways you can reuse home items and save them from ending up in landfills: Clothes, Towels, and Bedding The next time you clean out your closet, don't throw anything away because... read more
Some ways to make your office more Eco-friendly

3 Ways to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly and Efficient

Oct 2 2017 It's no secret that companies can be pretty wasteful and not very eco-friendly when it comes to certain things in the office like not monitoring gas, water, and electric use or not having a recycling system. But with just a few simple changes, businesses have the power to turn things around for not only the environment but their... read more
Urban farming is one of the fastest growing green jobs in the US.

The Top 5 Fastest Growing Green Jobs, According to National Geographic

Sep 29 2017 If you're unsure about what to study in college or are perhaps seeking a career change, you've come to the right place. According to the National Geographic, these five green jobs are guaranteed to be around in the future and to ensure our planet is, too. 1. Urban Growers  Farms, roof gardens, and greenhouses are rapidly popping up... read more
These Are the Most Eco-Friendly Workers by State

America’s Most Eco-Friendly Workers. Did Your State Make the List?

Sep 24 2017 You might consider yourself to be an "eco-friendly worker," but if your work day consists of a long commute to work and endless paper printing tasks, your carbon footprint might be worse than you think or perhaps it has something to do with where you live? According to a new study, eco-friendly workers differ greatly by state. So, to... read more
The Most Eco-Friendly Pets Include Chickens, Rabbits, and Ducks

These Are the Most and Least Eco-Friendly Pets

Sep 22 2017 Dogs and cats are the most common of pets. After all, "a dog is a man's best friend" and "life is better with cats," but believe it or not, our furry friends are not the most eco-friendly pets we can choose to live with. Why? For starters, their meat-eating diet requires a high amount of land and energy to produce their food. American... read more
If you don't already, you should be recycling tires.

3 Things You Should Be Recycling and (Probably) Aren’t

Sep 17 2017 For many people, recycling mainly consists of food waste and basically anything that can go curbside such as cardboard, assorted plastics, and aluminum cans. Although food packaging represents some of the most common waste, there are many of things that can be recycled – things you might never have considered. Here are three things... read more
Games are a great way to teach your kids how to recycle

3 Clever Ways to Get Your Kids to Recycle

Sep 16 2017 Getting your kids to do their homework, pick up after themselves around the house, or do their weekly chores can be hard enough, nevermind trying to get them to recycle. And since recycling is something to be encouraged for years to come, it's important to instill this environmental responsibility in kids when they are young. But how... read more
Reuse and reduce the products in your everyday life if you're looking to benefit the planet.

4 Simple Ways to Quickly Reduce and Reuse

Sep 14 2017 We all know the three Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle. But since recycling is one of the easiest ways to go green and reduce your waste, we thought we'd focus our attention on the other two Rs this time. These eco-friendly tips and tricks will help you learn to invest in reusable items and reduce your waste – ultimately helping to... read more
freezer-pack waste

192,000 Tons of Meal Kit Freezer-Pack Waste Ends Up in the Landfill Every Year

Sep 7 2017 Cardboard boxes, miles of shipping, plastic baggies that hold a single ingredient ... these are just some of the pollution pet peeves caused by meal kits that can drive any environmentally conscious consumer crazy. If you've ever ordered from a meal kit delivery company like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh than you know exactly what I'm... read more
How Climate Change Likely Heightened Harvey’s Fury

Was Hurricane Harvey Heightened by Climate Change?

Sep 4 2017 Hurricane Harvey was the first major hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. since Wilma in 2005. In fact, the major storm ended a 12-year record of no major hurricanes making landfall. Harvey also broke a rain record, the largest amount of rainfall in U.S. history, dumping over 50 inches of rain east of Houston. Estimates came in at 19... read more