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green homes sell for more

Study Reveals Green Homes Sell for 9% More

Aug 5 2012 The Study on Green Homes A study conducted by UCLA and UC Berkeley included houses that were labeled green by Energy Star, GreenPoint Rated and LEED. All these three are rating systems that label homes with the green certification. In order to get certified each one of these rating systems has their own specific criteria that has to be... read more

Plastic Water Bottle the Next Target after Plastic Bags In San Francisco

Aug 3 2012 The New Drive in San Francisco Officials in the city of San Francisco are thinking about a regulation that would call for the owners of revamped and new buildings with water fountains to fix bottle-filling taps.  The law is fashioned so that thirsty people will refill water containers instead of opting for another plastic bottle of... read more
bellingham stores promotional reusable bags

Promotional Reusable Bags Offered by Bellingham Stores

Aug 2 2012 In Bellingham,Washington, stores are now offering coaching classes and reusable bags to help people transition from a life with plastic to one without. Stores in Bellingham Gear Up The ban prohibits the use of plastic bags in stores and other retail outlets. Most stores will also charge customers a 5 cent fee for a paper bag. The... read more
philadelphia bloggers ban on plastic bags

Bloggers in Philadelphia Push for Ban on Plastic Bags

Jul 30 2012 Bloggers in Philadelphia Bloggers from the Philadelphia area spent all of 26th July demanding a bag ban in their city. The pioneers of this one-day blitz are Julie Hancher and Beth Funari. Both these women write a blog known as the Green Philly Blog and are ardent supporters of a cleaner and greener environment. Beth started taking... read more
delaware recycling officials bag ban

Recycling Officials in Delaware Eye Plastic Bags

Jul 27 2012 With major initiatives being taken all over America to ban or at least minimize the use of plastic bags, an increase in promotional reusable bags can be seen all around. The Recycling Public Advisory Council of Delaware is now thinking about its course of action in regard to single-use plastic bags. The Law in Delaware In 2009, a law... read more
delray beach custom reusable bags

Delray Beach Raises Water Conservation Issue with Reusable Bags

May 26 2012 The past few weeks in Florida have been unseasonably dry and with the monsoons far away, water consumption has become a concern. According to a report, authorities in Delray Beach declared April as the Water Conservation Month. Richard Reade of the city commission is currently the acting sustainability officer. Reade said... read more
celebrate earth hour everyday

Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Hour Everyday

May 23 2012 Earth Hour was recently observed all over the world to address the dramatic climate change experienced worldwide. However, switching off your lights for one hour every year may not produce the best results. To make a difference in saving the planet, you have to take steps every day of the year. According to a report, there are... read more
guam clothing stores promotional shopping bags

Guam Clothing Store Offers Free Promotional Shopping Bags

May 21 2012 Following the footsteps of PayLess Supermarkets, DNA Evolution recently announced its plans to promote eco-friendly practices in the community. According to a report, the clothing store based in Guam is promoting the green message through artsy reusable bags available at the DNA Evolution store. This initiative was started by... read more
earth day action fair reusable challenge

High Country Conservation Center Organized 21-Day Reusable Challenge for Earth Day 2012

May 19 2012 The Earth Day Action Fair in Colorado  held at the Silverthorne Pavilion was a huge success.  Local green businesses and environmental organizations joined the festivities to highlight the importance of living green. Offering simple tips through demonstrations, these organizations will help you follow effective measures to celebrate... read more
eco-entrepreneurs westchester high school

Budding Eco-Entrepreneurs at Westchester Senior High School

May 16 2012 Today, children are made aware of ways to protect the environment. Schools are taking the initiative to teach their children a thing or two about how they can help bring about environmental sustainability. Apart from encouraging them to use reusable bags, they are also teaching them about seed papers and other eco-friendly items. With... read more
greenpeace striving for zero deforestation

Greenpeace Striving For Zero Deforestation By 2020

Apr 13 2012 Greenpeace is still fighting to keep our forests around the world from being logged for timber and paper pulp.  Although deforestation in the United States has stabilized, as most of the U.S. deforestation took place prior to 1910, forests around the globe are being cut down at alarming rates. Greenpeace says Amazon Forests Still... read more