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Minnesota Muslims Make the Switch Towards Eco-Friendly Ramadan

May 23 2019 As the clock approached midnight, volunteers in the kitchen of the Islamic Center of Minnesota's women-only clubhouse washed silverware and ceramic plates to be used for the upcoming iftar. It made for more work, but that meant less trash after the traditional evening meal used to break the fast during Ramadan. "A few years ago, when... read more

Our Most Eco-Friendly VP Has Raised $1bn for Eco-Friendly Investment

May 21 2019 Generation Investment Management, co-founded by our most eco-friendly politician and former US Vice President Al Gore, has raised $1 billion for its latest private equity fund to back sustainable start-ups. Generation Investment Management Sustainable Solutions Fund III will invest between $50 million and $150 million in companies... read more

Make the Switch to Electric with America’s Most Eco-Friendly Cars

May 16 2019 Electric vehicles have been around almost as long as their gas hungry siblings. Unfortunately, technical limitations, such as battery size and efficiency, have hindered the adoption of what is clearly a cleaner, more efficient form of fuel-powered transportation. Today, thanks to innovations in how electricity is collected, stored,... read more

Take a Green Vacation Across the Big Blue and Stay Smart in London

May 14 2019 Newly opened near Mansion House, the residence of the Lord Mayor of London, in the City of London, England, the Vintry & Mercer feels like the cooler edgier answer to its sister hotel: The Ampersand, in South Kensington, England. It was named after two of the honorable guilds that were founded in the area many years ago. The hotel... read more
Notre Dame

New Notre Dame Roof and Steeple to Be Designed by the People

May 9 2019 Following the fire that destroyed famed Catholic church, Notre Dame, the French government has launched an international architectural competition to redesign the church's roof and spire. One of the many designs that have flooded in is from Belgian Ecological Architect Vincent Callebaut. His design sees the roof turned into a... read more

Indian Duo Turn Plastic Waste into Eco-Friendly Tiles

May 7 2019 The dog park of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, the local government for the city of Hyderabad, the capital of the Indian state Telangana, is a pop of color for the surrounding area. Not only is the greenery a big contributor but also the brightly colored tiles on the pavement. If you read the information board outside... read more
global warming

Global Warming Is Just as Much of a Problem for Virtual Worlds

May 2 2019 We've all played a video game or two at some point in our lives—whether it was as recent as "Mortal Kombat 11"; a modern classic like "Mario" or "Sonic"; or even as old as "Tetris," "Centipede," or "Pong." In April of 2005, the first game in the popular "Virtual Villagers" series was released; and in May of 2009, "Minecraft" became... read more

Victoria Bowness: The Woman Who Traded Manchester for the Outback

Apr 30 2019 Victoria Bowness is originally from Macclesfield, near Manchester, England, but this British mother of one now lives on a mountain in the outback. She reveals how she turned her back on her life in England to live off the grid with her 27-year-old Australian partner Johnny Clapham. The 35-year-old has swapped her modern city house... read more

Life After Climate Change: The Future Is Bright and Energy Efficient

Apr 25 2019 There are two equally compelling arguments for solving climate change. But, what will it actually be like? Better than today, or worse? Will we live in tents and farm some climate change created post apocalyptic nightmare, or will we have flying cars and live in a science fiction fan's dream? Comfy homes, good food, whip-smart... read more

Washington State to Become First to Allow Human Composting

Apr 23 2019 Death. It's an inevitable part of life. But, what to do with the body? There are plenty of eco-friendly options, including biodegradable caskets that return to the earth with the body (such as wood, cardboard, and woven materials such as bamboo or wicker), shrouds, urns designed to be buried and have a tree planted on top, sprinkling... read more

Women in Virginia Start Businesses with the Planet in Mind

Apr 18 2019 Next week is Earth Day, and the state of Virginia will be celebrating with educational events and service projects. Year round, however, environmental solutions have inspired creative businesses around Richmond. Three of them are run by women, who have successfully managed to merge creativity and entrepreneurship.Celebrate Earth Day by... read more

A Safety Razor Is Now the Most “Metal” Thing You Can Buy

Apr 16 2019 Two mechanical engineers have created an eco-friendly razor. It's plastic-free and incorporates the simplicity of an old-fashioned safety razor with the technology and comfort of a modern cartridge razor. The product is called Leaf Shave, an all-metal razor with a pivoting head that can be customized with up to three blades. It was... read more

Are Flying Cars Really Just a Science Fiction Long Shot?

Apr 9 2019 Skipping rush hour traffic by hopping into a flying taxi may seem like a long shot dreamt up by science fiction authors, but a number of corporations and startups are currently working on prototypes. In October, Cora, one of the aforementioned companies and startups, partnered with Air New Zealand in a step towards commercialization.... read more

Modernizing May Not Be the Way to Achieve Energy-Efficient Construction

Apr 4 2019 In this modern era of glass and steel, wood might seem like an old-school material. However, researchers say that they have given wood a makeover. It is not only a sturdy materials but transparent and able to both store and release heat. This could aid in the construction of energy-efficient homes. Researchers hope to develop a... read more

Not Only Is There an Eco-Friendly Prison but It’s Winning Awards?

Apr 2 2019 What do you think of when someone mentions prison? Probably a concrete building surrounded by barbed wire, chain link fences, with flood lights and extensive alarm systems.Surprise! That's not the case with this prison in Sweden, which recently won an award for being environmentally friendly. Tabellen 4, a building in Sollentuna... read more