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Oslo, Norway, Enters 2019 as the Eco-Capital of Europe

Jan 2 2019 Oslo's waterfront used to be littered with shipping containers, and intersections were jammed with cars pumping out fumes. Today, this Norwegian city's traffic is diverted through an underground tunnel, and instead of greenhouse gasses, you'll find mostly hybrid and electric vehicles. Above ground, the city is dominated by a new museum... read more

Going Green in 2019: Projects That Will Help You and the Environment

Dec 29 2018 New Year's Eve will be here in just a few days. This means it's time to start making resolutions. The most popular New Year's resolutions are lifestyle choices. According to a poll from market research company ComRes, these include exercising more, losing weight, eating healthier, taking a more active approach to health, and learning a... read more

Should New York Park Rangers All Have the Same Job Title?

Dec 27 2018 The state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has requested to consolidate the titles of Forest Ranger and Environmental Conservation Police Officer for the spring of next year. The idea proposed to the state Department of Civil Services back in November deals with the names of the departments only. It is not a merger or... read more

Vertical Forest: The Highest Rising Forest in All of Italy

Dec 22 2018 There is a green high-rise in Milan, Italy, that is turning heads all around the world. Green, in this case, means two things: not only is it eco-friendly but also literally green. This is thanks to 20,000 square meters (about 215,278 square feet) of trees, shrubs, climbing plants, and perennials that are spread along and up every... read more

Boat International’s Most Active European Eco-Activists in 2018

Dec 19 2018 This year, environmental topics have been some of the biggest hot button issues. Everything became important, from ocean pollution, to single-use plastic, to coral bleaching, to climate change, and headlines were made across the globe. According to Boat International, a publishing company based in Wimbledon, Longon, specializing in... read more

Take a Ride on the Environmentally Friendly Side with “Eco Bus”

Dec 17 2018 At Old Donation School, eighth graders are taking control of a project aimed to turn a retired school bus into a traveling education center. The project began with the school system's gifted program. School principal, Dr. Kelly Hedrick, had read about a school bus conversion and brought up the idea to her fellow teachers. Eighth... read more

Diesel Drivers Now Heavily Charged for Purchasing Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Dec 14 2018 A driver's group, the Alliance of British Drivers, has warned that confusing branding, such as names like "Bluemotion," could cause issues for motorists. They may end up with a surprise as cities crack down on older vehicles that pollute more. Some drivers may be left stumped when they drive cars only three or four-years-old into... read more

Ten Ways to Get Rid of Your Christmas Tree Without Any Trouble

Dec 6 2018 Every year, Americans purchase 25 to 30 million real christmas trees, according to the National Christmas Tree Association! But that isn't the bad news. Most experts agree that a real tree is the more eco-friendly option. As trees grow, they provide habitats for wildlife and clean the air. Christmas trees are also 100 percent... read more

Travel Smarter, Not Harder: Tips for the Eco-Conscious Traveler

Dec 4 2018 Here at Custom Earth Promos we have talked about all kinds of eco-friendly travel topics. From modes of transportation, to apps that help lower your carbon footprint, to airlines, to boats, to vacations you can take, there are a million ways to explore eco-friendly travel. These topics are all about the act of traveling and things to... read more

Hotel and Restaurant Locations Making Real Eco Commitments

Dec 2 2018 Zero Waste Bistro When creating the space-within-a-space Zero Waste Bistro, Designer Linda Bergroth relied completely on eco-friendly materials. This pop-up installation was presented by the Finish Cultural Institute at this spring's NYCxDesign event. She did have a moment where she realized how different this café would be from the... read more

Living in a Greenhouse Doesn’t Always Involve Plants: USC’s Eco-Op

Nov 29 2018 University of Southern California students CeCe Uhrich and Tim Buchanan live in a two story house. They live with eight other USC students. Their shelves are filled with items bought in bulk and their basement contains a compost pile. A small container containing dollar bills sits near the front door. This serves as the "ecotax... read more