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Hawaii Dating

Hawaii Ranked Number Three Location for Eco-Friendly Dating

Feb 11 2018 Just Energy, a world leading company in renewable energy and green living, has ranked the state of Hawaii the number three location for eco-friendly singles in search of love. The Just Energy team pulled data on each state's singles per capita, creating a ranked list. The rankings also take into consideration how "green friendly"... read more
Food Waste

Fight Food Waste with Your Phone: Apps That Curb Produce Pollution

Feb 6 2018 BOMBSHELL: As much as 40 percent of the food produced in America is not eaten. What happens to it? It ends up as food waste, contributing to climate change and making the world a stinkier place. And consumers share a great deal of the blame. The following four apps, however, can help you cut down on that blame and shame by helping to... read more
Wind Power Improvements in France

France Plans to Blow Everyone Away with a Plan to Double Wind Power

Feb 4 2018 In international news, the French government has announced a plan to double installed wind generation capacity by the year 2023. This ten-point plan will simplify administrative procedures and accelerate the development of wind power projects. According to French leaders, this will cut the average time it takes for projects to be... read more
Grover Tu B'Shevat

Tu B’Shevat: the Jewish Earth Day and New Year for the Trees in Israel

Jan 31 2018 HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Today is Tu B'Shevat (ט"ו בשבט), also known as Rosh HaShanah La'llanot (לאילנות ראש השנה) or New Year for the Trees. Occuring on the 15th of the Hebrew month Shevat (January/February) (שׁבט), it is celebrated as an ecological awareness day in modern day Israel and new trees are planted. In... read more
Australia Is Upping Solar Energy Usage

The “Land down Under” Is Upping Their Solar Energy Usage

Jan 30 2018 According to the latest Renewable Energy Index from Green Energy Markets and lobby group GetUp!, new figures reveal that Australia's record solar energy uptake stands to save them $2 billion on power bills over the next 10 years. The report aims to show Australians not only how important green energy is to the country, but also to... read more
Lark Adventurewear Designs Activewear for Babies

New Activewear Brand That Helps Children and the Planet

Jan 29 2018 A line of activewear has recently launched that uses fabric not used in any other American clothing. And it's made just for children! This moisture wicking apparel from Lark Adventurwear is the first activewear line that keeps children sweat-free while protecting the environment via natural, eco-friendly fabric. According to founder... read more
EcoCamp Reception Dome

You Can Now Take a Vacation Inside of an Epcot Ball with EcoCamp

Jan 27 2018 Patagonia: a sparsely populated location at the bottom of South America makes up the southern section of the Andes Mountains. It also has deserts, pampas, grasslands, and coasts on both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Not only is it a geographically diverse area, but it is now also a green vacation location! Founded in 2001 by two... read more
Blue McDonald's Arches

McDonald’s Commits to Eco-Friendly Packaging Goal

Jan 20 2018 The iconic red and yellow restaurant is going green. McDonald's has pledged to become more environmentally friendly by including recycling bins and sustainable packaging in it's restaurants worldwide. Multiple McDonald's employees, such as New Zealand's managing director Dave Howse and the United State's chief supply chain and... read more

New Superhero Teaches Kids How to Protect the Environment

Jan 14 2018 Who doesn't love superheroes? From Batman and Superman to The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy; Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse; in theaters and on paper; in America and in Japan, they are all over the world! They give us hope, offer escape, cheer us up when things seem bleakest, inspire us. Superheroes are a light in the dark. But... read more
Simple Tips on How to Begin Going Green in 2018

Simple Tips on How to Begin Going Green in 2018

Jan 9 2018 It's January, 2018, and most people have already made their New Year's Resolutions. These include things such as losing weight, changing careers, going back to school, spending more time with their families, (the ever popular) join a gym, among many others. Now it's almost 2 weeks into the new year and it's time to put these... read more
plastic waste

Shocking Video Shows Caribbean Sea Being Consumed by Plastic Waste

Dec 23 2017 Do you still use plastic grocery bags instead of reusable ones? What about plastic water bottles? Ziplock bags? Plastic garbage bags? Do you put your fruit and vegetables in plastic produce bags at the grocery store? Do you buy toilet paper that's wrapped in plastic instead of paper? If you answered yes to any of these questions... read more