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Ten Ways to Get Rid of Your Christmas Tree Without Any Trouble

Dec 6 2018 Every year, Americans purchase 25 to 30 million real christmas trees, according to the National Christmas Tree Association! But that isn't the bad news. Most experts agree that a real tree is the more eco-friendly option. As trees grow, they provide habitats for wildlife and clean the air. Christmas trees are also 100 percent... read more

Travel Smarter, Not Harder: Tips for the Eco-Conscious Traveler

Dec 4 2018 Here at Custom Earth Promos we have talked about all kinds of eco-friendly travel topics. From modes of transportation, to apps that help lower your carbon footprint, to airlines, to boats, to vacations you can take, there are a million ways to explore eco-friendly travel. These topics are all about the act of traveling and things to... read more

Hotel and Restaurant Locations Making Real Eco Commitments

Dec 2 2018 Zero Waste Bistro When creating the space-within-a-space Zero Waste Bistro, Designer Linda Bergroth relied completely on eco-friendly materials. This pop-up installation was presented by the Finish Cultural Institute at this spring's NYCxDesign event. She did have a moment where she realized how different this café would be from the... read more

Living in a Greenhouse Doesn’t Always Involve Plants: USC’s Eco-Op

Nov 29 2018 University of Southern California students CeCe Uhrich and Tim Buchanan live in a two story house. They live with eight other USC students. Their shelves are filled with items bought in bulk and their basement contains a compost pile. A small container containing dollar bills sits near the front door. This serves as the "ecotax... read more

Transportation That Won’t Raise Your Carbon Footprint

Nov 23 2018 Do you have to visit relatives this holiday season? Are they local? If the answer to both of those questions was yes, don't just hop into your car. Anytime a vehicle that isn't a green-mode of transportation is used, pollutants and harmful emissions are let into the air. This has become a large concern across the globe. If you are... read more

The Holiday Season May Be a Key to Helping Save the Planet

Nov 21 2018 Americans have taken a big environmental hit this year. California is ablaze from Malibu to Chico. Homeowners in Florida and Georgia continue to recover from Hurricane Michael. The evidence for human-caused climate change continues to pour in--reports of the melting polar ice shelf and extreme weather shifts. This makes preparing for the... read more

What Foods Will You Be Posting to Instagram Instead of Eating Next Year?

Nov 18 2018 Food trends: giant, over-the-top milkshakes; unicorn food; rainbow food; crazy ice cream treats. Whatever it is, you just have to find a restaurant that sells it. But not just to eat it; you also have to let all of your Facebook friends and Instagram followers know what the latest weird looking or deconstructed meal is. As 2018... read more

Sustainable Service Aims to Make Life Greener with Eco Subscription Box

Nov 15 2018 Have you always wanted to go green but are not sure what to do? Is it just too expensive to buy all organic products? If you live in New Zealand, enter: The Eco Collective! This new green subscription box aimed at busy individuals and families. The goal is to help ease making their homes and lives more sustainable. Delivering a box of... read more

Take an Eco-Cruise with the Conservancy of Southwest Florida

Nov 9 2018 Summer has started to last longer and longer in Florida. This year, even though the humidity is mostly gone, it is going to be hot until Thanksgiving. What do you do with all of this extra summertime? If you are looking for a memorable, unique experience in Southwest Florida, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida's eco-cruise through... read more

Ned Bell: Canada’s Celebrity Chef and Sustainable Seafood Advocate

Nov 6 2018 Earlier this year, when more than 50 chefs from British Colombia put their names to a letter calling on the B.C. government not to renew 20 salmon farm leases, one name was obviously missing--Ned Bell's If any chef in B.C. can be called a sustainable seafood advocate, it's Ned Bell. The celebrity chef is the official ambassador for the... read more

Eight Great Companies to Purchase Earth Friendly Holiday Presents From

Nov 5 2018 Halloween is over and the holiday season is officially upon us. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and next comes Christmas. But what do you get people? It's one of the oldest questions with one of the hardest answers. To solve this problem, here are eight companies who's products are as earth-friendly as you are. 1.... read more
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Ben & Jerry’s Supporting the Environment One Pint of Ice Cream at a Time

Nov 2 2018 Ben & Jerry's, the ice cream known for such crazy flavors as Phish Food, the Tonight Dough (Starring Jimmy Fallon), and (Stephen Colbert's) Americone Dream, has come out with a new limited edition flavor. Pecan Resist is a chocolate ice cream with both white and dark fudge chunks, pecans, walnuts, and fudge covered... read more

Thirteen of the Best Spooky Spaces: Airbnbs Where Ghosts Are Guests

Oct 26 2018 Airbnb is the best way to immerse yourself in local culture when traveling. It's also more sustainable than a hotel, using less electricity, water, producing less waste, and having lower greenhouse gas emissions than the large buildings that are hotels. Do you love being scared? Are you a big fan of ghosts? Do you believe in the... read more

Trick or Treat with Custom Earth Promos This “Ecoween”

Oct 23 2018 There are some large, and quite shocking, imbalances between having fun on Halloween and staying green. These include childhood obesity, poverty and working conditions in developing nations, and the ever growing problem of litter and waste. Thankfully, in our second Halloween related post this year, Custom Earth Promos is here to once... read more
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According to Experts You Are Not Alone in Your Global Warming Greif

Oct 21 2018 We only have 22 years to get our act together! That's the message understood by many after reading the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's alarming report. Released earlier this month, this shocking article predicted the human population may very well witness a major environmental catastrophe as soon as 2040.... read more